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Any hints or tips to lose weight for people with pcos

I have been struggling to lose weight for years and my GP said it's really hard for people with pcos to lose weight, any hints or tips to help will be much appreciated.

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I have this as well!! If anyone has any please share!


Hi Tam

There have been several ladies on here with PCOS. One recommendation is to lower the amount of insulin your body has to deal with, by lowering the amount of refined and processed carbohydrates you eat. You may need to do it gradually depending on how you eat at the moment. It is also probably a good idea to reduce the amount of dairy products you may eat.

Cut out foods with added sugar as much as possible, check labels if you eat ready-made food (breakfast cereals, low fat yoghurts etc), and 'white' carbs like white bread, pasta. Look for low GI foods and high fibre carbs. Eat lots of different non starchy veg and good quality protein. Hopefully, this should help with weight loss as well as PCOS.

If you want to look at the science, you can go onto a site like PubMed. This is one small study.


There is now a site on HU for women dealing with PCOS, which might be useful for you.

Good luck.


My sister has PCOS, her diet consists of higher amounts of protein with limited carbs. She also walks 4 miles, five days a week. She looks great so it must work:)

Hope this helps:)

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Thank you for the reply, I have joined the gym and I walk my face and neck look smaller but I haven't lost any weight.

Do you recommend something like Atkins diet?

Thank you again


This may be a useful site. If you are going to try a different way of eating, it's usually a good idea to change gradually. Cutting down on carbs quickly can make you feel unwell. Not sure about the induction phase of Atkins, I prefer to keep eating a lot of veg.



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