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I changed my name!

When I first joined this forum less than a week ago I had just been shocked (and disgusted with myself ) to realise that I had managed to put on all the weight that I worked hard to lose between July and March later year. In just 3 and a half months I had put on 6.7 kg and gone from a healthy 23.7 to unhealthy 26.5 bmi. (57 kg to 63.7 kg) At last I haven't allowed myself to get back there)

I know that compared to many on here I don't have a huge weight problem. But if I carried on gaining at that rate I soon would have! And I have yoyyoed repeatedly over the years.(My highest ever weight being 11st nearly 70kg bmi of 29) and I was well on my way back there....

My wake up call came when my lovely hubby bought me a new dress from my favourite shop in my normal size, but when I tried it on I couldn't zip it up! I finally faced the scales and was horrified to see that I was only 0.3kg from what I weighed this time last year. If I am honest I knew I had gained a pound or 2 but really didn't think I was back into the overweight bmi category. How could I have let this happen again.? Will I never learn?

Every one else be warned it is so true that once I get to a place where I am happy with myself I relax and go straight back to my old relationship with food. It is almost like an alcoholic thinking that having been dry for a year they can have just one drink...anyone who has ever had a weihtloss problem needs to rally admit that they need to keep active and keep watching their weight forever.

I signed up on here and called myself 'Toofattofit'.

Yesterday I started thinking about what I really want my identity to be. My longterm goal is not to be too fat to fit, but to get into the beautiful dress my husband chose for me. I am determined that this time things will be different. My challenge is to maintain my weight within a healthy bmi.

I know if I go on holiday I may gain a pound or two but I realise that watching my weight and eating healthily has to be for life. I need to keep getting on the scales even after i am back to a weight i am happy with. I am going to weigh myself weekly forever. I am not going to Yoyo again.

I am losing weight again. I know what I have to do. I will get back to 55 to 57 kg and stay between those points. I am never going to be too fat to fit or in the overweight bmi category again My new name is Yoyonomore ! I can do this!

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I liked your old name! It made absolute sense, especially when you're trying to remember what motivated you to go on this journey in the first place. But what you describe re identifying with your goals rather than your initial motivation is solid too. I chose my name when I started doing couch to 5k, and I still run up the canal that goes near my flat. It's felt like a positive identity all the way through, and certainly kept me running at the very least! Good luck for staying positive and reaching a long term goal of a maintained healthy weight and fitting into your new dress :)


I think names carry identity. I like the name you have chosen as it identifies you as someone who is active. Every time you see it, it will challenge you as to when you last ran or spur you to take the next one.

Thanks for the encouragement I am cheering you on in your race to healthy living too


Hi Yoyonomore,

I like your thinking, it certainly strikes a chord for me. For many years I have lived that life till health events took over nearly 2 years ago.

I am on right track, yes still struggling but now very honest and realistic to what goes wrong and what goes right.

Most importantly I learn from the 'gone wrong', before I would move on till the next one.

Stay real it is what will get us all through, I believe my healthy life changes have to be for life, yo yo has to stop but that does not mean 'deprived' it means making more healthy choices and enjoying the more relaxed choices when on holiday, social occasion etc.

Have a fab week, keep trying that dress on 😍



Not deprived no. I look at it as loving myself enough to stay healthy. I am now asking myself "will putting that in my mouth make me healthier, do I love myself enough to say no?". Once back on track I can say yes a bit more often so long as I remain within the 55-57 kg band. I have finally learned that saying yes when it is going to make me overweight is not really loving myself, as I then have to deal with the consequences again. At 56 I think I have finally had an epiphany! Once back on track I can enjoy a holiday or celebration and not deprive myself at all, with the proviso that I weigh in and take action to compensate if my weight goes over the 57kg mark. Or very definitely at 59kg I am NOT going to have a bmi in the overweight category again! . It is so easy to think we are loving ourselves when we get to target and start eating what we like again. But the last 3 1/2 months of eating was not being kind to myself now I have to work at getting to a healthy weight again.


Yup, there's something about the 50s that leads to Epiphanies, YoYoNoMore. Welcome to the Club of Middle-aged Enlightenment. I blame hormones for clouded thinking and now I/we don't have them anymore, The Way becomes clear(er)... ;)


Glad I'm not the only one, at 54 I feel like my life is beginning, and I can be myself at last.


Yes, that's what it is, isn't it. Being ourselves at long last. And long may it last! :D


know what you mean about clothes. bought myself a lovely black think winter berghaus fleece (not cheap) a few years ago. it was a L but still didn't fit me. thankfully I didn't throw it away in shame. I am now 6 week into the 12 week diet (although I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle change) the zip goes all the way to the top, and its looking good for this winter. bring on the snow!!


Well done! Keep going and yes learn from my errors, it is a forever lifestyle change and weight watching has to continue after goal weight is achieved. And healthy eating and regular exercise is needed for all, not just the overweight.

Enjoy your snugly fleece this winter!


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