Morning All!

I woke up in the middle of the night worried that I might have put weight on this week...the anxiety! I am definitely not going on the scales until tomorrow - I'm worried if I don't see what I like then it will fuel overeating (I'm only on week 2 so still challenging bad habits!). So when I got up I decided to do my measurements instead. Good news! 1/2 inch off my arms, waist and thighs and 1 inch off my hips whoop! Feeling a lot happier and not dreading tomorrows weigh in as much now :)

I do feel that I am developing a healthier attitude to food even though only just coming to the end of week two. On Friday as a treat I cooked our favourite veal escalope recipe from Gordon Ramsey, with a creamy mushroom sauce. I wanted to be able to enjoy this without feeling guilty so I went to the gym and worked damn hard! I've also resisted all the lovely cakes that my colleagues have been baking and taking healthy snacks to eat instead so I am not tempted. I now love watermelon - who knew!

My next challenge will be this coming week. My boyfriend is away all week. When he is here I cook every night, pre plan meals. When he is not, I develop a 'I can't be bothered' attitude and descend in to unhealthy, quick choices. I am determined this isn't going to happen this time! I did my food shop yesterday, planned out my healthy lunches and dinners for next week (thank you Dave for the lunch recipes - they are all on my list!) and have loads of new snacks to try - ryvita crackerbreads, kallo smoked paprika rice cakes & little soreen bars and my fruit! I was never a fruit person before so have been taking carrot, cucumber, celery sticks and tomatoes as my work snack but I am sure I will get bored of this quickly so need to diversify!

Anyway sorry for the rambling post, it's far too early on a Sunday morning to be succinct!



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6 Replies

  • Well done on the lost inches, that's fab! Sounds like you are organised for the week ahead, I think that's the best way as you don't need to think what to eat it's already there. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow. I'm hoping to see results too. Have a good Sunday. :)

  • Thank you! Just need to put the organisation in to practice now! Hope you get a good result tomorrow too - with the resisting cake (well done!) and the running I'm sure you will :) Have a lovely day x

  • I'm also worried about weighing in tomorrow. I'm using the fact that I still fit into my size 14 jeans as a motivator that at least I can't have gone too far backwards. For snacks try melon as some varieties are not as sweet, quite similar to cucumber. Also try sugar snap peas, radishes, grapes, pickled cucumbers, different varieties of tomatoes (Lidl do a fun pack of different colour tomatoes). Good luck for the weigh in and congrats on losing those inches :)

  • Thank you for the snack ideas! I get bored of the same thing pretty quick! Im in the same boat as you - two weddings and a wine and cheese night makes for an anxious weigh in! I hope you are feeling better, there are so many different viruses going round at the mo! Fingers crossed for you tomorrow as well, although if your jeans feel good then that is always a good sign :) x

  • Well done. You are recognising dangers and taking avoiding action ! You can do this. Cheering you on!

  • Thank you! Liking the name change too :) x

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