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High in calories, alcohol is fermented sugar, and the similarities in the ailments from excess consumption of sugar and alcohol are startling.

When we've been drunk a few times, we begin to realise that the feeling isn't going to get any better.

Evolutionarily, we are millions of years advanced from the common garden slug, yet some people seem as destined to succumb to the 'beer-trap'.

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The trouble is that Booze is everywhere, Cheap, Enticing, Glamorous, "Normal" and simply not a bright idea for humans. No one likes a good ale more than me but its been one of the main reasons I've piled on the weight! So far 12 weeks 12 beers so feeling smug and loads healthier!

There is a good Horizon program on alcohol on the iplayer - guess what there is no safe way to consume alcohol regularly and those government guidelines might actually be too high! Who would have thought!


I have real respect for those people who can enjoy a glass of good wine or a refreshing ale and see it for what it is.

Often alcohol is a cheap, legal way for people to drown their sorrows and forget their pain even for a few brief hours.

Unfortunately we are not sufficiently evolved as a society to see when people are in pain and find the right and compassionate ways to help them deal with this. That is the real tragedy we face as getting high or drunk or fat becomes so much easier every day.

Unfortunately many of us have our own form of "beer-trap" - for most of the people here it is food.

I don't see myself as any better or worse than those people trapped in drugs or alcohol. Whether its weed or vodka or buckets of KFC - none of these things belong in our bodies or should control our thoughts and we have to learn how to be more respectful of our long suffering bodies that put up with our bad habits day in and day out.

I owe my body and mind a VERY big apology for what I have done to them over the few decades :)


What you have said above has caught a cord for me. When you said "Often alcohol is a cheap, legal way for people to drown their sorrows and forget their pain even for a few brief hours." It is the same for food, isn't it? cheap and can still drown our sorrows with food, the pain releases only temporarily.

When we were at the zoo today and hubby and I referring to my weight loss, he said that he can see I am feeling happier about living with him. This probably sounds odd, but I spent so much time worrying about the future, before it even happened. Worrying about the wedding, worrying about what it will be like living the other side of the country, whether we would last etc. I was drowning my sorrows with food. He is right. We are in happier place now. We have our house, we have a child, I'm not working, we are trying for baby no.2. I still visit the other side of the country. His promises to me so far, have not been broken.


I COMPLETELY agree with you 100% I stopped drinking 18 months ago as I was out of control and an alcoholic.

I then gave up smoking 3 months ago.

I have been obese for 40 years and spent that whole time drowsing my sorrows in food, looking for hugs in chocolate and love from chips.

No matter the vice we choose we are no better or worse than any other person.

I am look forward to coping with NO unhealthy vices and seeing what bubbles to the surface - what I have been pushing down with food and alcohol for so long....it might be painful but its worth the pain to break free of it eventually.


Sounds like you need a drink, Big C... :D

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