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Late nights get me thinking!

Well it's 03:45AM Sunday morning and i have been thinking all things weight related, Currently looking at BMI calculator on the NHS Website (33.8), wondering where i am and which"label" i fall under, well i'm in the obese category at 5ft 11inch and 16st 12lbs, Whats good about the site it tells me where i should be at for my age and height which is between 9st 3lbs - 12st 7lbs

So im going to use this as a target because a Healthy Weight and BMI, Would just... be amazing hard to describe, Eventually i will get there :)

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You got me checking mine - I am now depressed! LOL

With a BMI of 43 I have about 90 lbs before I can call myself overweight :(

Ahhh well its good to have a goal!

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Some times I find the whole concept of labelling 'obese or overweight' a negative experience. It can make the whole weightloss journey seem rather daunting because before you can get to that healthy weigjt you have to first get rid of the term obesity. I think that is is very easy to adopt a weightloss strategy and try every gimic or fad diet out there to obtain fast results (because once we identify the problem we want to addreas it full onre: obesity). In my experience the weight will fall off but it comes back with a vengence. I think its better to break up the weight into small manageable targets ( or atleast that what I am trying to do). I also know that life gets in the way and that we can sometimes get loss in the amass of delicicious foods. But we need to persevere and try to regain our focus..any tine we slip up. We must remind ourselves that we are not perfect but we can do it with a little help and a lot of determination. Good luck.


I checked mine too, my BMI is 33.4 (obese). I am aiming to be 10 stones which means I have 5 stones to lose :-( Just seems so impossible. I am following the NHS portion sizes along with slimming world food and syns and I think I have a long journey ahead. My body literally refuses to lose weight no matter what I eat. I followed the program 98% last week and have only lost 1lb and that may or may not be just the scale buffering lol

My body fat is 47% so I guess my metabolism must be none existent.

Oh well, one day at a time

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Hey - that was me six weeks ago! But not any more. I'd been getting fitter but was fooling myself about portion size and real exercise levels. I'd herd that the NHS will give you a description for a weightless program and will help you at the surgery (Research says that the groups are more effective BTW) and I found this site and the NHS 12 week plan. 12 weeks - I could do that, surely.

The first couple of weeks were hard and confusing but I had a lot to learn. This sit is great for sorting your questions & frustrations and it works like real group to maintain your focus & interest. I'm probably on here more than FB - sad I know but I'm continuing to loose weight.

You can do this - you've already begun. First thing I had to do was get a handle on portion size and stop guesstimating it. that means weighing and recording everything. I was astonished at how many calories were in my so called healthy diet. The food industry has a lot to answer for.

Its about learning, focus on what you want and have to have in your life and a huge re- eduction in our habits. I can vouch for the 12 principal (It takes 12 weeks to change a habit) 12 weeks with hardly any alcohol now feels like the norm.

You will get a huge amount of support from this community. There are no trolls and we are all in the same boat.

Enjoy -You can do this and you'll love the results!


NHS has a free 'your weight matters' group that host meetings and 1-1 sessions where they go through your food diary to see what you are eating and where you are going wrong.

I was surprised to learn about portion sizes, apparently you should only have 2 portions of meat/fish etc based protein a day, with any surplus coming from veg and dairy I guess. I find that so hard.. I cannot just have 1 piece of chicken :-(

But I recently watched a program that said the body only absorbs around 20g protein per meal (if you are inactive), so anything over is just a strain on your kidneys to get rid of.

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My BMI is 26.8...healthy weight range between 6 stone 14lbs and 9 stone 7lbs. My target is between 8 stone and 8 1/2 stone depending what I look like. I am going to work this out again at tomorrows weigh in!


Hi, yes you will get there. I too have to lose about 10k- seems such a lot but think its best to brake it down into small obtainable goals,, eg. At the moment I am 71.3k and would love to be under the 70k so my aim is to be 69k. I know it sounds daft but its an incentive thing. Hope you understand my rambling lol. Best of luck to you. Weight all your food and exercise everyday. Even if it's a min walk its 1hr 10mins during the week and gradually increase it. Don't beat yourself up if you slip up, just accept it and move on. None of us are perfect at least I'm not. X


Positive thinking , hope you meet your goal! x


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