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Please help me !

Hi..i am 17 years old..n my height is 5'10 n my weight is 78kg..I want to reduce 10kg ..Please tell me good exercise fo' reducing belly fat n the side fat on belly..

I want to loose side belly fat ..it annoyes me soo much..I am doing exercise but it isnt showing results..Plz do tell me good exercise wich will reduce the side belly fat fastly pleasee..:)

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No quick fixes I am afraid. I too am working on toning my belly but it has to be a combination of diet to reduce stored fat and exercises to burn calories and increase general health and then more exercises to tone muscles.

I just started these exercises today and can feel I did some good. I couldn't cope with timing so did 20 reps of each. Planning on 25 reps tomorrow. womansday.com/health-fitnes...

Good luck.

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You maybe exercising at the wrong times based on what you eat.

The BEST time to exercise is first thing in the morning, empty stomach, water only only.

Apart from that you should wait AT LEAST 4 hours from your last bite of carbs to exercise.

Carbs are the body's favorite fuel - they are a very clean fuel to burn and thats why most of us crave carbs. Not because we don't have fat to burn but because our body prefers to burn carbs because its easier to access.

Burning fat is harder for the body to do plus burning leaves toxins like ketones which is also why drinking water is important - to flush out toxins.



Wish there was a magic pill for this. I've gone from 44 waist trousers to 32 inch trousers and still have a bit of a belly. I seem to have gone reasonably thin on most areas of my body but the belly still remains. Still continuing diet and exercise and for the last month or so have started doings abs targeted workouts, mainly crunches and planking in addition to my normal routine. Will wait and see what results I get but can't get rid just by exercise. Still need to burn the fat away.


When I was being inducted in to the gym the instructor asked what my main goal was. I said to lose my wobbly belly. She said you can't lose weight on one specific part of your body - you need to exercise everywhere and that will reduce the overall fat, including your stomach. She told me to hold my stomach in during all exercises and dong weights which will tone the muscle so my stomach will be toned underneath the fat, ready to be revealed when I have lost the excess fat! I also find it a good focus point when exercising hard - I may be a sweaty, heavy breathing mess but I focus on keeping my stomach muscles tight and it gets me through to the finish!

Good luck!

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