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starting all over again

hi all,

so I haven't been very good the past few months and i am beginning everything again. I just don't have motivation, i mean i honestly can't see the change in me and it's been so long now!! I don't understand why it's so difficult for me to stay committed

my main problem is my love handles, it just isn't shrinking and so i was hoping anyone out there that could recommend any exercise to help me reduce the fat round the danger zone?

And what keeps you all motivated?

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Rule 1 any changes should be enjoyable.

Rule 2 in the event of discontent, refer to rule 1 :-)

Seriously, you can tone the muscles but you have to use the fat to reveal the toned muscles.

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I have just started over again too ( last Tuesday got my wake up call. )Yoyo dieting has to stop!

I started these exercises today. Couldn't really cope with timing them so did 20 reps of each and plan try 25 reps tomorrow. I can feel that I have worked my abs.

We can do this. Just got to encourage each other .


No point to the exercise if not losing fat so calorie counting too...

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You should listen to a podcast called "Cut The Fat"

Its GREAT at discussing how the body works and how to get the body to burn fat not carbs. You might even find that an Atkins kind of program would help for a couple weeks - high protein very low carbs, just to start shifting the love handles. I would never recommend it long term but a couple weeks is perfectly fine.

Its carbs and sugar that stop the fat being burnt off. When we eat carbs insulin goes up. When insulin is up the body switches off fat burning.

Best time to exercise is first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach - water is fine. Breakfast should then be a low/no carb - scrambled eggs would be perfect. An egg white omelette even better but come on - WHO really likes those!

You can exercise later in the day but you need to leave a gap of at last 3.5 hours between your last bite of carbs and starting exercise.

I got all of this from 2 pod cast episodes PLUS a lot more.


For me this is a lifestyle shift so I am immersing myself in all things health. Hard to think about buying a chocolate while you are listening to a fat burning podcast lol

I read articles, I am on a couple forums - I am soaking myself in fat loss and fitness for the first few weeks. And it seems to be working. Have exercised for 40 minutes EVERY day for the last week and have not had a single bad bite of food - for me thats AMAZING! I always cheat at least once in a week so it seems to be working :) And I had sneaky peak at the scales and things are looking GREAT for Mondays weigh in...

WHat's your eventual goal? What makes you HUNGRY to lose the weight? When that is embedded in your heart and mind nothing can stop you.

you can do this - I KNOW it!


i don't know why i find it so difficult to cut down the carbs, being south asian rice is a part of the diet so i am really struggling. Plus, if I cut down on my carbs i notice that at uni my concentration isn't there and I'm so moody! Do you have any recommendations how I can slowly begin to cut down the carbs, any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you :)


thank you all, i will definitely take these things into account!


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