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Like a naughty kid I've been hiding because ive been up to no good!

Morning all!

Went out for my anniversary and thought what the hell ive put up with this bloke for another year , I'll treat myself! That meal was AMAZING! Fresh gnocchi with pesto and Parmesan, pine nuts and red peppers followed by apricot and almond tart and all accompanied by some rather lovely (large) glasses of wine. Feeling content and full I thought I would just start calorie counting again the next morning and no huge damage done. I even thought how I could post about how a little of what u fancy does you good... But I'm one of those people who's brain just doesn't work that way - once I've had something 'bad' I just think 'well I've ruined it now' and i binge. So, yesterday slightly hungover with in laws visiting I had one slice of cake and spent the rest of the 'ruined' day eating everything in sight. Very disappointing indeed but I guess I work better when some things are forbidden... Sad but true. I HAVE to start again today please! I will need your positive vibes and if you feel so inclined tellings off to get me back on track! I'm out of hiding so that's one step in the right direction ... Right? Have a great day all!

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We all have days like these but the important things is we recognise it is just a day and get right back on it. You've enjoyed your day now enjoy your life by keeping on track. Just think how amazing you will look this time next year if you keep at it.

Give your self a goal to work towards to give you inspiration eg an important occasion an get back on track. Don't spoil all your great work so far.

Have a fantastic week.


That is kind of disappointing for you I know.

And I know EXACTLY that feeling of "well I've ruined it now" but I believe mine goes along the lines of "Weeeellll f*** it - what can I eat next!" lol

I might be talking out of my bum here - more than likely - but I seem to remember there is some technique you can use with a rubber band where when you're feeling this way you snap it hard on your wrist and this should snap you out of it and disrupt the craving or the flow of the destructive thoughts...

Cause really its just inner fatty tantruming like a 4 year old and we give in because it feels easier than fighting it.

But fight it

Cause you're older, smarter and can outlast than that little kid screaming for more pudding! And the less times she gets her own way the less she will scream.

Here's to a much better brand new week :D


Haha you get me thanks for this reply 😀

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Well done for coming out of hiding so quickly. I lost all my excess baggage. Felt slim and happy travelled all round south Africa at easter, stayed with friends of my husbands who treated us like royalty and fed us accordingly. Went to son's wedding. Came home knowing I had put on a few pounds but instead of jumping on the scales and getting back to what my weight should be , I thought what the heck. That was until this week when my lovely hubby bought me a new dress as a surprise from my favourite shop in the right size and I couldn't get it done up! I faced the scales to discover that I have put back on ALL the weight it took me from last July till April to lose!. 2 days off the wagon is not too bad. Pick yourself up and get back on track! You haven't backsliden far you will be back where you were in no time.... me however well it will be at least March before I get back but I am on my way and determined to not hide for more than 2 days if I slip up. I wanna be like you !


Keep in touch lets do this!!!! I was the same trying on my wedding dress for 'fun' ... Not as fun when it won't zip up haha!


I must be lucky as I can have a real blow out but get straight back on the diet the next morning. I just see it as a challenge to lose any potential weight gain and if anything am far stricter the day after.


Don't be too hard on yourself - just start again today.

I tend to think the same way as you do - "I've blown it now so what's the point?". I've also come to realise that " a little of what u fancy does you good" doesn't really work for me. I am a lot stronger when I can just say "no, thanks, I don't eat ........ (whatever it is you're tempting me with)".

Have a good week


Thanks! I think that's going to have to be the way for me too! 😊


Yes let's keep cheering each other on and being accountable when we slip up. I have already lost 1.1 kg since Tuesday. I know what to do to lose weight but remembering to keep at it, is where I go wtong It has to be for life. We can go on hols and enjoy a special celebration and that is not a failure but we need to adjust back again as soon as possible afterwards not to face the uphill battle I now have in front of me again. I am determined that this will be the last time I have an unhealthy bmi. I weighed 63.7 on Tuesday and am at 62.6 today. I know that I need to slow down the weight loss after the first week ( think I am losing retained water too) I am aiming for 55 kg by march which will put me 5 kg inside the healthy bmi range. Room to gain a few and lose a few but I am NOT going over bmi of 25 again EVER. Please check up on me!


I had a bad day yesterday too. Out of habit i dished up some ice cream for myself after dinner, then having put it out i thought one bit won't hurt me. Then the guilt of having eaten it sent me off the rails for the whole day. I'm really glad i came across your post because it's given me the inspiration to start again. If i hadn't read it i would have carried on my downwards spiral, so thank you! Lets start afresh together today x


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