Resisting birthday cake!!

So it's my middle child's birthday today and normally I'd have ate loads of buffet type food and polished off a couple of slices of cake. However, today was a different story I started out doing my 3rd run for C25K and then when kids were indulging in party food I'd already prepared a weight watchers tuna pasta salad which I throughly enjoyed. Then it was cake cutting time (my favourite bit usually) but today I also put out some raspberries and strawberries and I stuck with those!

I'm so proud of myself as this is generally a first for me and just hope the scales are kind on Monday. Good luck everyone for a healthy weekend. :)


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11 Replies

  • Well done be proud! 👍

  • Good :)

  • You just put the HUGEST smile on my face. I LOVE reading this.

    You're awesome and your willpower is inspirational. I KNOW how hard this sort of willpower can be, believe me. I have been fighting chocoholic monster every night on the way home...and winning...but its a fight !

    You ROCK! :D

  • Thanks Dave, it is so hard but a great feeling when you succeed. I woke up this morning still feeling happy with myself and now know I will continue to be good over the weekend. :)

  • I know right? Isn't that waking up the next day quietly thinking to yourself "I rule!" just the best :)

  • Haha yes it is!

  • You are right to be proud of yourself tuppy123!! I hate the food part of family get togethers and you have just inspired me with my next one (end of the month) Well done and thanks for the insight!! You're a star!

    Love Kate xx

  • Thank you Kate. Just nearly had a weak moment and tucked into left over cake but instead put my trainers on and went for a 40 minutes stomp around the block.

    Good luck at the end of the month, you can do it. :)

  • Yay! Well done you!! :-)

  • Well done you and good luck 🍀 with the weigh in on Monday 😊

  • Thank you. :)

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