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Hi guy's. . I'm doing really bad.. just can't get into it at all. I've 3 girls under 3 and om exhausted. .just crave sugar..anyone else had the same problem. . I really want to lose this weight really getting me down...

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I'm the same always want sugar, I think it's because we're tired!..... But your body will want it less if you have a meal instead.

I can imagine you don't get time to pee never mind think about feeding yourself with 3 little one's to look after. Slimmingworld now do frozen meals that you can just stick in the oven or maybe bulk cook meals so you can just ping it in the microwave?

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Hi I might do that thanks.. I was at slimming world after my second girl but didn't find it great .. but got pregnant again ; () so weight creeping up last 3 years..This is the first time in my life I'm over weight and I'm 39 years old..finding it hard to get used to..but my bodies been through a lot last 3 to 4 years so trying not to be to hard on myself ; ().. I'm just saying to myself it's only temporary ; () (hopefully ) ; () x


Yeah don't be hard on yourself it will come off few changes and will soon disappear :-)

Lack of sleep don't help when trying to not eat sugar. Being a mummy is hard work as well.

I'm battling with my sugar demons as well and trying not to binge eat on sweet food, going ok so far had a few blips but takes time. Have you planned a weigh In day? Maybe we would do it together? X


Ye that would be great please... maybe a Saturday? Instead of a usual Monday. .could start in the morning?


Count me In!!! Tomorrow it is :-) I'll pm you tomorrow :-)

Love another sugar eating mummy LMAO that should be my profile name HA


Going to weight myself in a bit when I get girls breakfast.. ; () ... early risers here ; ()


Hi, don't be down on yourself it's so hard when you're tired and all you crave is sugar! I have three boys (few years older than your girls) and they run me ragged that by the time they're in bed all I crave is chocolate but I've been doing healthy eating for nearly two weeks now and already my cravings are getting less. Unfortunately it just takes real willpower and I also make sure I don't get too hungry because that's when I start binging!! Good luck on your weigh in this morning. :)


Hi, i had 3 children under 2 (set of twins included) and was permanently exhausted so i can appreciate how you feel. Sugary things was my way of getting through the day and also coping with the relentness of it (no days off!). It's hard but i think you have to have a couple of days where u feel rough coming off the sugar. I've come off it this week and felt pretty bad for a couple of days but i can promise you i have been doing it for less than a week and i already feel 100 per cent better. Less tired and more in control of my appetite. I'm also starting to enjoy meals again as before they had lost their appeal and i only fancied junk such as pizzas. Perhaps you could try that as a first step and get decent microwave meals in for yourself if you're struggling to prepare a healthy meal. Prepare as much as you can the night before. Beans on toast or a bowl of high fibre cereal are quick and good for you. Pre cooked fillets of mackerel and mackerel are super quick and v healthy. Once your diet improves you will be better equipped to deal with your never ending workload. Say no to the kids demands long enough for you to eat your dinner and make you your priority for that 10 mins. This is one area of your life you can control - you've just got to believe it. Good luck xx


I used to kaylin. At the time it was the downward spiral; wanted sugar for an energy fix, followed by a brief high, followed by the 'need' to keep eating, followed by a slump...

Keeping to less than six biscuits was a show of willpower for me. And whoa betide if I didn't eat every three or four hours.



Hi Kaylin. Yes I'm a sugar craver too and it's not good for weight loss. I have dug out some old weight watcher books to try to get inspired with healthy 'sweet snacks'. Having said that, I am trying out Food Combining which is great during the day but I find I get Evening Nibbles Syndrome and that's where it can all fall down. But with all the good advice and support on here I think we can both find a way round this obstacle! Look forward to seeing your progress

Love Kate xx


Hi kaylin, I was the same as you 2 mths ago. I found this forum and had never even heard of the nhs 12 wks plan - the next day me n hubby started the plan and since I've gone from 10st 6.5lbs to 9st 1.5lbs.

My little ones are 3, 2 and 4mths and I'm exhausted most the time! haha. I had convinced myself I needed sugar to even function and found myself stuffing chocolate, biscuits or cake at any available opportunity. Lying to my little ones when they asked 'what's that in your mouth mummy?' How bad is that!

I won't lie, it's been tricky at times, but most the time I've been amazed how easy I've found it and how full I've felt. We've ate out quite a few times too and I've found I'm consciously making healthier choices.

My absolute reason for success is my husband doing it with me and being so supportive. He too has lost 21lbs and as we've changed our habits as a family, meal times are actually easier and so much more fun. Experimenting with different recipes. If you have a partner, I'm advising you to rope them in and go at this as a family too.

My secrets to success are:

Having a choc fix for breakfast: Honey and nut belvita, chocolate mini weetabix or chocolate special k. It's as much a mental thing for me to keep having a sugar fix when I first wake up with my very strong coffee ;) but these are healthier, fortified cereals that actually work at keeping me feeling full and energized.

Snacking healthy: crunchy peanut butter and apple kept me going in the first weeks when I was mooching, strawberries and blueberries too or low fat greek yoghurt and honey. Hubby loves mini meringue with fruit and plain low fat natural yoghurt. Asda do a frozen yoghurt - chocolate flavoured and it tastes like ice cream. £2 a tub and defo hits the spot :)

Never under estimate the power of housework: burning calories is pretty easy when trying to look after 3 little ones, holding them, picking up after them, even dressing them can be a workout (well my monkey can be!). You'll surprise yourself if you think of normal things as exercise by how much you do!

Good luck! I'm proof that in a short time you can turn it around and make a massive difference :D


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