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Going Well

Right been off here for a while now! still focusing on my weight loss nothing special mainly a lifestyle change cutting out the bad and incorporating the new.. Not been weighing myself often as my scales are rubbish!! physically i can see changes, clothes feeling looser - so instead of focusing to much on the numbers on the scales and just going on how i feel! Keeping my many goals fresh in my mind and always concentrating on the positives of weight-loss

Start Weight 19st 12lbs

"rough" Current Weight 16st 12lbs (if this is correct i'm over the moon)

1ST Goal 14st 3lbs (199lbs) Under 200lbs would mean the world to me!

When 199lbs is reached im going to keep going lose stone after stone till im comfortable :D

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Good job! But learn from my mistakes and even once you get to the point where you are 'comfortable' , weigh yourself at least once a month. I get to my ideal weight, relax go back to my bad habits and put it back on. I am so fed up of this happening that once back to my goal I will religiously weigh in on the 1st of every month so I can take immediate action if I have gained. I am not going to Yoyo beyond a couple of pounds again and definitely not going back to an unhealthy bmi again. I don't have as much to lose as you and so admire your effort to get your weight down I know how hard it is. Well done, keep going, you can do this !


Thank you for responding, i also have done this before lost around 3 stone slowed down then piled on 4 1/2 stone so ive learned from my mistakes, approached it differently this time (and i moved away from home) so i eat what i buy!!! i like it that way, i understand i have allot to lose,, but i like a challenge :) Thank you and yes i can :D


Get outa town - you have lost THREE STONE???

Thats so awesome - you should be REALLY proud of yourself :D

I don't know how you do it without good scales. I know of other people who just use the clothes feel test but I really need that weekly shot of what I weigh to keep me going:)

WHat are you doing - counting cals, exercise, do you cook a lot? Always interested in how others are achieving their success.

Do you have a goal in mind you are working towards like a super new dress or a 5K run or something?


Hi, and thanks for your response, i find with scales and weekly weigh-ins i expect a certain loss, and if a don't achieve i give in and eat Bad foods, so i weigh-in only when i feel i need to could be 2-6 weeks i find it works better focusing on what im doing instead of the number on the scales.. As number watching has failed me before...

In terms of what i do - i don't count cals or do anything special really, i just eat foods i like and i know are good,High protein, low salt, only sugar free drinks (i don't drink hot drinks) and cut out all "Bad" food and oils and in terms of cooking i try to plan my main meals for the week and stick to them, Pasta bakes, Lasagna, cous cous and chicken things like that, i find writing a shopping list helps me buy only the foods i needs not what i want, and yes i find exercise helps, i know if i keep moving and eat well the weight will drop off!

My goals i have mentioned in a previous post! where i want to be comfortable in myself and fit in to a shirt i have had for some time, still going on my weight loss as i intent to lose another 2-6 stone

Wish me luck! Thanks for reading

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I really like this because it shows that there is NOT just one way to lose weight.

In the end the weight loss routine that is best for you is....the one that works!

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well done so far. the 1st thing I did was buy a set of scales (Argos rubbish) which said I lost 8lb in 3 week. wahey, I thought. subsequent weight loss seemed to good to be true. and it was. I changed the scales and can now actually see just what I am losing. as you don't need to too bothered what your weight is- as you are using clothes as a guide, it isn't too critical. however, I would suggest that if you did invest in a good set (and believe me, it is an investment) you could better relate your lifestyle to weightloss, and discover which things work better than others.


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