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I'm 24 and my weight is 76,

I want reduce my weight.

I eat Roti's almost everyday and I'm a non vegetarian weekly once I eat chicken , I drink honey and hot water in the mornings. But no result of weight loss ,I tries doing heavy exercise in gym but I'm not able to bare the pain that comes the next day ,pls help its very bad I have stretch marks on my belly I can't ware a saree also , my husband wants me slim . pls help.

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Hi Becky. Have you looked at the NHS 12 week weight loss plan? It's adaptable to different types of diet. It's based on calorie counting and portion control. If you can get the hang of that then it all becomes straightforward. Also the NHS BMI calculator is a good place to start, as then you have an idea how much weight you need to lose. Lastly for exercise look up couch to 5k. It builds you up to running gradually week by week. I found it really good for losing weight round my waist. Lots of luck :)


Ruth is dead right! NHS Weight loss plan.

Give yourself 12 weeks to work on it. Use some on-line tools to work out a calorie intake that will help you lose weight. I thought I was being active and was eating healthily. I've massively upped my exercise and I did get muscle soreness for the first few days but it passes. I know I should do some weights work as well but I've put that off so far.

Do less exercise more often and build up the time and the intensity.

Learn about calories in your food and get your intake to a point that enables you to burn fat.

Eat fresh food nothing you haven't prepared yourself. Lots of Salad, Veg & some fruit!

You are very young and your stretch marks will go in time - happened to my son at your age. Try Bio Oil if you want to do something else.

Whats worse the pain in your muscles or the the pain of not having the body and health you want?

Be strong. Start Learning about food and exercise. Get the 12 week plan and focus on what you are getting!


hi, becky

hope your husband is supportive in your efforts, and is thinking about YOUR own health. not sure what roti's are, but if you do decide to count cals, make sure that your morning honey drinks are within your daily limits.


Might be a good idea to drink something else sometimes in the morning, as honey is a sugar and so is probably not helping you lose weight.

Don't exercise so much that you end up in pain, it's not doing your body any good. You need to build up gradually to heavy exercise.

Have a look at the 12 week plan as others have suggested. Is there an alternative to rotis that you could eat, or perhaps have less of them and more vegetables?


What is the. NHS 12 week plan ??

I'm not sure about it.


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