Eating out challenge tonight

Going to Toby Carvery tonight for a friend's birthday. Challenge will be not to overeat at an all you can pile on your plate place!

I had my breakfast of porridge made with 1/3cup of oats 1/2 cup semi skimmed milk and 1/4 cup water and a handful of blueberries, late . So not having lunch as meeting at 5pm at carvery, so will eat early tonight. Will eat a banana before I leave so not to feel hungry when I get there. ... trying to be mindful about the dangers. ... "lead me not into temptation"

Planning on turkey roast and giving the Yorkshire Pud and roast potatoes a miss... or maybe just one small roastie ... Oh and water with ice and lemon to drink......wish me luck!


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13 Replies

  • That sounds very well thought out. You should plan your dessert choice too, perhaps look up the menu online. You may find everyone's having dessert and last minute you feel you have to pick something too. If there's no fruit salad/sorbet option, find out the next best thing and only have half of it. Good luck!

  • At the moment determined not to have a dessert. Worse case is if everyone else is I will let hubby order and have a mouthful of his. He doesn't need the extra calories either so will be doing him a favour too! ;)

  • Be careful which veg you have as as lot of the veg is kept moist with butter. I couldn't believe it when I found out. Saying that enjoy and eat lots of the nice things.

  • Went last week and had the salad with carvery meat, really enjoyed it but no one wanted pudding so I was saved from that temptation.

  • I love salad. Didn't know that was an option. .maybe i'll do that :)

  • It's on the menu card thing, dearer than the carvery at 6.99 but really enjoyed it.

  • When I go, I never have the yorkshire, stuffing, gravy or potatoes (high-glycaemic); there's enough carbs with the peas, carrots and sweetcorn.

    Often they give me too much meat, and I take it home for the dog or the next day.

    For pudding I have soft cheese or extra-thick double cream to balance the meal, sometimes before I go.

  • Think I 'll do the salad and Turkey carvery meat. Couldn't possibly have the cheese or cream. I'm all about low fat (gall bladder issues) I agree with danger re gravy, Yorkshire, roasties and stuffing. Gravy with salad yuck! I've saved some calories up so may have one roastie but that's my lot . Feeling determined to be good.!

  • I hope it went well.

    I thought too little fat was bad for the gall bladder?

  • Not really. If you have gall stones or as in my case a polyp in the gallbladder eating fat is excruciating. Like a knife stabbing. Once experienced you will avoid.

  • Having read your articles I see where you are coming from but honestly the pain is so bad that the thought of eating fat is beyond me. The polyp won't be flushed out by the bile as it is attached. I have had multiple scans as they have to check the polyp isn't growing and they have never seen stones in my gallbladder despite having been on low fat diet for 18 months.

  • Well I had a great time with my friends. Drank water with ice and lemon, had roast turkey and salad which didn't come with the promised egg and croutons, so I had two small roast potatoes which were a real treat And i then stole two spoonfuls of hubby's ice cream. Altogether I am proud of myself as roast beef with all the trimmings is one of my favourites. Feeling virtuous!

  • Well done for sticking to your planned evening, never easy resisting all on offer, but you have :)

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