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First Weigh-In

Happy Friday all!

I weighed myself for the first time this morning, here goes:

LAST FRIDAY: 28st 9lbs (BMI: 48.8)

TUESDAY (Went to the doctor's was weighed there) 28st 12lbs (BMI: 49.1)

DIFFERENCE (Fri - Tues) + 3lbs

TODAY 28st 10lbs (BMI : 48.9)

DIFFERENCE (Tues-Fri) - 2lbs

So in theory I've put 1lb on BUT I put 3lbs on over last weekend and then have lost 2lb since Tuesday. I'm sort of happy

I managed to walk about 1/4 mile a day. And eating slightly less (Down to about 3500 cals a day - may sound a lot but a month ago I was eating upwards of 4500 a day)

Hope you've all had a great week!

Keep you eyes out for my new WordPress blog later today! :)


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Doctors scales are notorious for adding on the lbs! It seems like you're struggling to pinpoint the starting weight but as long as it's going down over the weeks ahead all will be well. Good luck for sticking to reduced calories and gradually increasing your activity :) if its any comfort, my dad was told in his 30s he wouldn't live until 50 if he carried on as he was and he turned things around. He was not as overweight as you but had badly out of control diabetes and related complications. He lost the weight and reversed most of the effects and has remained in control ever since. There are loads of hidden success stories like this all around us. Keep going :)

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Hi Ruth,

My starting weight was around 28st 9,10 or 11 my bathroom scales gave me a different reading 3 times over the course of an hour! That's great news about your dad! I've been given a life expectancy of 40 unless I lose the weight.




It's a bit grim to be given a life expectancy like that but hopefully it's motivating rather than dispiriting for you. I have a friend with stage 4 cancer (in her early 30s) but she says she still has to cross the road as carefully as everyone else - we could all still get hit by a bus anytime. She's also aiming to defy her life expectancy through developing an extremely healthy diet (completely organic, no processed foods, adding things like spirulina etc), there's always room for improvement whatever the starting point.

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Of course it's motivating to think that losing weight could give my a near to normal length life! Sorry to hear about your friend, hope she doesn't find anything to painful.

Thanks Again,



I would track you weight if you can using one set of Scales, so for example ignore the Doctors and just track on your own. All scales weigh differently, the difference is probably even more exaggerated the heavier you are, though I don't know that for sure.

I was 190kg (30 stone at my heaviest) and my Doctor never had any scales that would weigh me back then, that was 5 years ago, I am guessing NHS has upgraded its standard surgery scales now?

Good Luck with your journey :)

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Thanks OlsBean, I will definately take that into account, thanks.

Yes, the scales are much more advanced now, they work out the BMI and everything, I was very worried when it flashed up Obese Class 3. The doctor said though that even these only weigh up to 30stone, after that they have to refer you to the hospital.

Thanks again



It's worth having a look at OlsBean's story as I am sure there is a lot you can learn from it and that it will give you a lot of hope.

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Thanks Alex - will do


Thats great that you have managed that weight loss - and I agree with Olsbean stick to ONE set of scales or else you will never really accurately know what is going on.

And I know that certainly in the early days what the scales say can make or break your week.

I hear you on the calories and its FANTASTIC that you have driven your calories down to 3,500. You need to keep working that figure down until it reflects something more realistic - around 1500 - 1700 calories. - for weight loss.

At your size even small changes can mean a BIG difference in what you lose.

I am interested to hear what you are doing differently THIS time compared to other times. I know you are a stubborn bugger - your words not mine LOL but that hasn't proven to be enough previously.

What have you changed to ensure THIS will be the one that works?

You can do this I KNOW you can! Stay close - we are all here to support you.


Hi Dave,

It's not that great - in theory I've put 1-2lbs on. Will definately just worry about my weight on my home scales.

I just don't think I could cope on 1,500 calories (call me whatever you want).

What am I doing differently? Eating slightly less. I used to eat the same but just walk when I've tried to shift weight previously but I would came home and eat whatever I may have lost. I can't walk particularly far anymore partly down to my weight and then the osteoarthritis which inhibites me walking for more than about 10 minutes at a time before sitting down while the pain subsides.

I will definately take you up on the offer of weight loss buddies, I go away for two weeks tomorrow. Will PM you when I get back


Hi Rob, 1st, everyone is right, stick to one scale as your marker. secondly be ready for your weight to go up and down. so long as you are losing overall, that is the main thing. but be responsive to your body's needs and changes. there are two kinds of fatty weight loss as I see it - the hard fat and loose fat. the loose fat gets broken down quicklyand as the body tones, you will look better and feel better. but the hard fat as I call it is that weight you will really struggle to lose. it is the type that after running for a long time and cutting suger in your coffee, you still fail to shift and progress seems slow.

This is the time to keep going and to seriously look at what you are eating and drinking, along with the type and amount of exercise you are doing. because you might need to make changes to get the desired results. What is to be remembered is that in order to burn more fat, you must exercise more and eat more of the right foods to do so. So you eat more calories AND build muscle which is heavier than body fat. hence weight-loss takes longer and seems to slow.

All I will say is, don't be disheartened, I have been going for a year now, and am having to look again at my routine and diet. and using different scales did not help. because I am not sure what I once lost was ever really gone anyway!

I have gained weight since 3 months ago but I am far fitter and stronger than last year, so don't give up, keep going and adapt to whatever comes your way!

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