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Weight loss/ motivational buddy anyone?

I've been trying to lose weight now since the beginning of June.

The resources and equipment required to make a difference are there, but it is difficult to actually get going.

I do try to, but then say 'tomorrow' or 'later' way too often.

It would be easier to lose weight with someone else and not have to self-motivate.

If anyone here would like a weight loss/accountability buddy to help lose weight with, please message me.


1. Lose arm fat/bingo wings

2. Get from 68kg/size 12 to about 55kg/size 10.

Thanks :-)

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Yes! I need a buddy and someone who will keep me accountable. I lost 8kg between last July and April but have put it all back on. I need to lose it again. I am 5'1 and weighed in at 63.7 kg on Tuesday. I need to get to 57 kg but my first target is to get back to a healthy bmi of less than 25. ( about 60kg)I am determined to never be above that again. I need someone to keep me accountable and make sure I continue to weigh in even after reaching goal. I can lose weight but keeping it off is my challenge.

I am a 14 top and 12 bottom but need to get back to a 12/10; (I never lose my boobs however much weight I lose .

Keep me accountable please!

I use low fat/ sugar small ports diet. Basically just cut out all refined sugar, fried or fatty food. Good luck

I will cheer you on and keep you accountable too.

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