I flipping love Aquafit!

Well yesterday I did Zumba which was fun but my knee was painful so I couldn't do all of the routines fully. Today with Aquafit, no joint problems, a proper workout and as a bonus, no sweat. I would do this every day if I could. I'm in danger of becoming an exercise evangelist. 😄 I'm sticking to my calorie limit too so feeling good today.


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10 Replies

  • Hi Carolee,

    Did my first acquit on ties, swallowed half the pool and came out with panda eyes but it was great, can't wait for next tues.

    It's nice when exercise is fun.


  • Ooh dear,

    This pad has a mind of its own.

    Should say Aquafit on Tuesday !!!!!


  • How come you swallowed water and got panda eyes? It must be different from ours - we stand chest deep in the water and never go under.

  • Panda eyes because I went with my make up on lipstick as well !! and mascara ran, not a good look lol !!

    Swallowed water because I kept going under when had to bend knees, I am 5'3, and although the pool is the same depth, it was too deep for me !!

    So plan on Tuesday is no make up and stay close to the edge.

    Wish me luck


  • Omg, you did make me laugh!😝 our pool goes quite shallow at one end, luckily for me because I'm 5'2.

    Anyway, I like your plan. Good luck!

  • I have never done aquafit but I swim 3 times a week for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. I love the water, swimming is my favourite form of exercise!

  • Well done.

  • I wish I had your stamina, Cutback! I like to swim but tire quickly and get out of breath so Aquafit is perfect for me.

  • I love aqua fit it's the only thing that I can do that doesn't hurt and I always feel so slim whilst in the water. Its really good fun glad you are hooked, it's better than biscuits lol

  • Well done Carolee, sounds like a good plan.

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