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Night shift hell

Hi guys,

I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps - a year or so ago I was a size 10-12 and yesterday I had to buy a size 16 dress. I have never been so large in my life. I'm only 5ft 2" and it was such a shock to realise how much weight I must have put on.

I've been thinking about it a lot, and I know my main problems are portion size (which I think is pretty easily remedied with a bit of weighing and portion control), but also alcoholic drinks after stressful days at work, and the night shift 4am disaster zone of tiredness when all that really helps is a cup of tea and some biscuits/crisps/cakes. Does anyone have any tips for night shifts? And which drinks are best to have in the pub? I work in a really stressful environment in a hospital and we quite often go out for drinks to blow off steam.



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Have one vodka/gin and slimline tonic and drink lime and soda for the rest of the time. I suggest starting with a lime and soda as the first drink always goes down the quickest!

Make some healthy snacks for 4am - try having a look on the Deliciously Ella blog - I love her sweet potato brownies. Or I have just found these Twinings Butter Mint tea bags which give you a good sugar rush.

The healthier you eat at other times the less likely you are to want to snack on unhealthy treats at 4am.

Good luck

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I was recently working evening shifts and couldn't get it to work for me at all so I really sympathise. Try to plan ahead for all the sugar lows with good healthy snacks that pick you up again. Bananas are amazing and go really well with coffee. Plan what you'll have at the end of the shift too, so you're not as influenced by the tiredness and low energy. But also maybe try and get a break from the night shifts, if possible. It sounds like you need it, especially if it's affecting your health and making you put on weight, maybe see this as a warning sign. A size 16 dress is one thing, but maybe check your blood pressure, breathing, things like that. I went up to a 16 and felt unhappy how I looked, but when I realised my health was actually being affected I had to take action.

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Best drink to have in a pub: mineral water with ice (slice of lemon is option).

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After night shift: cup of tea with skimmed milk (no sugar or sweetner). If I feel that I need to eat at night then I would have either wholemeal toast and butter (nothing else on the toast), or porridge with skimmed milk (no sugar or anything else one it). Its got to be better than eating crisps or cakes or similar.


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