How do you find a partner as a fatty?

I've never had a boyfriend.

The closest thing I've had to a guy taking interest is when I'm super, super, super drunk. But even then through the intoxication, I still manage to be too anxious to let a guy in.

I don't want to continue being lonely forever, kinda makes life pointless?

Anyway, I see alot of big girls who seem happy and have a relationship, how do they do it?

How did you guys all meet your partners? and how did y'all open up and get intimate n stuff?


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28 Replies

  • i actually met my fiancé on a night out we got chatting (he was driving so wasn't drinking i on the other hand was very merry) 7 years later we are still very happy

  • that's so so sweet, i just don't know how the dating scene works.

    you're a beautiful girl for sure, it's really adorable to hear that you're happy and 7 years!!! that's amazing x

  • why don't you join a dating website?

  • haha I can't imagine that would work, i'd be done for fraud or something if they met me irl.

  • thankyou babe :) honestly weight doesn't even come into it, your a lovely person from talking to you and youll make a fab girlfriend!

  • haha i wish niceness was the only thing that counts; i feel i could make someone really happy if i had it in return, but it sounds IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE INTEREST..

  • seriously try a dating site they can be really good I have had friends who are married because of them!

  • I met my hubby on the dating site Plenty of Fish :-)

    I have always struggled with my weight and have zero self confidence or self esteem but met the most amazing guy who loves me for who I am and always makes me feel like his princess.

    He struggles with his confidence too and neither of us ever thought we would meet anyone so for us the dating website/phone app was perfect as I doubt we would ever have struck up a conversation in a bar or anywhere else........We are now expecting our first baby :-)

    Don't give up, that person is out there for you :-)


  • omg awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

    that's super cute bless you guys, and omg, congratulations!!! x)

    would i have to say on the dating site that i'm fat? or how does it work

  • I think I put in my height and a "rough estimate" of weight - you don't have to specify if you don't want to.

    You can even say if you want just friends or a marriage or a's up to you how descriptive you are.

    To be honest people are more likely to pay attention if you give a bit more info about yourself otherwise they will just skim through and zip past. Some sites offer date nights and dinners out and stuff for singles (which is my idea of hell).

    Just take a look at a site and see what you think - you can flick through and read a few profiles and decide if the info they share is something that you feel you could too.

    Personally both me and my other half had tried and hated it and he tried eHarmony and they turned him down!! hahaha.......but there are plenty of free sites out there so don't pay a fortune - both of us were on Match at the same time and never found each other! lol

    There is no harm in looking and if you decide that the time isn't right then you haven't lost anything.....It took me a long time to find my man and I had to sift through a fair few weirdo's but he was there and was certainly worth the wait.


  • hmmmmmmmmmmm, it's so scary but i guess worth it? i dont know, i will have a look though ><

    thank you thank you thank youuuuuu x

  • Just take it one step at a time. Don't expect to find your knight in shining armour on the first look! lol

    Good luck and keep us posted xx

  • I met my husband on a dating website, I was about the same weight as I am now, there are people who can see the person inside. Just be yourself lovely 😄

  • aw bless, it sounds like alot of people meet on dating sites, i didnt even know that was a thing!! hmm, sounds really positive

    im happy for you <3

  • The nice thing about dating sites is that you don't have to meet anyone until you're absolutely ready get a good vibe about people from chatting to them and speaking on the phone :-)

    I have quite a few friends who met their OH's on dating sites :-) Maybe it's cos I'm older (i'm 42 now) and we're past it! lol


  • I met my other half the first night I joined a running club. He was a really fit runner and I had just done my first ever run and looked a right podgy mess but he thought I was pretty anyway. He's been great at encouraging me to get fitter and we bought a house together 6 months ago and are planning to have children soon.

  • Another dating website convert here. I was single for four years and thought I'd just never meet someone. The people all around me seemed really settled and there was no one new really for me to meet. Some friends were doing eharmony or guardian singles. I did a religious one because I was looking for someone of the same religion, but things like eharmony let you put that on your profile too. My bf put on his profile he was looking for someone with at least one flaw, which I definitely thought I could match up to. I deliberately put unflattering photos on mine because I wanted someone to like my character not my picture, he said this was good as I just seemed natural. We've now been together nearly 4 years but not moved in together yet, but hopefully will soon.

  • I'm 28 5 foot 2 and weigh 13 stone take size 16/14 depending on the shop. I wouldn't consider myself the kind of person you are walking down the street and think 'God she's huge' but I do want to and need to loose 2 stone at least. I'm active, for and healthy been to uni and work as a teacher.

    I am also a virgin and have never had a boyfriend. Some days I panic and am really upset, especially as all my friends are getting married. Then other days I'm ok with being a spinster!!

    I just have to hope that there is actually someone out there for everyone...but maybe there might not be.

  • Yeah you don't sound big, but everyone has their ideal weight and body they want! I would love to lose 8 stone and get to 12/14.

    My mom always always always tells me that there is someone out there for everyone, but it's just so hard to believe! I guess it's a matter of loving yourself enough to accept the love of another..which for me, sounds impossible, can't imagine liking myself, let alone love.

    Everyone has suggested dating sites though, have you tried?

  • You sound like a lovely girl, but what might make it hard for you to find guys (decent ones especially!) is having low confidence. Weight is absolutely nothing to do with it. Some guys might genuinely prefer thinner girls but from what I can tell most of us aren't bothered and a lot of us (including me) would rather see some meat on a girls bones ;-) so next time you are looking for someone, just remember that you are someone's idea of perfect and in the right bar you'd be fighting men off with a stick.

  • ehh, i really wanna confidence boost yeah, its why i predrink alot, i've noticed more guys talk to drunk me and noone really approaches me when im sober. But lol, highly doubt that.

  • I don't know how to you can build your confidence in yourself, everyone needs something unique, but I know it's not good for getting into relationships. And trust me, there are definitely places where the fuller figure is appreciated. But guys will talk to you if you look confident and happy, less so when you seem shy and unhappy.

  • its the person not the dress size i love bbw they are always more fun than skinny girls who think they are the bees knees and the world is there's all my girlfriends have been size plus even married one now i'm single again i just find them so lovely and caring x

  • hahaw bless, to an extent i can understand. But i was always told and always heard that big girls are only nice because of their insecurities and have to be happy with anyone who would approach them. I think it makes sense, but I feel like I'm just kind by nature, who knows; maybe I would have been a bitch had I been thin and pretty?

  • thats rubbish sorry to be rude its like age its a number thats all same as dress size who cares what others say or feel ? if you can be happy i'm tall and big and i dont care what people say behide my back its water off a ducks back to me everyones pretty some men like tall small bbw size 8 girls thin girls can have hang up being skinny the fact your chatting is a start i know you cant see anyone but its a small step

  • do supermarkets still do single nights i know asda use too few years back a night for singles to meet or how about speed dating ? you can chat up guys anywhere walking down the road in the park

  • haha no way, i haven't heard of this.

  • Yeah they use to put ad in the local paper for singles to go shopping I went few times with my friend use to bump into people with my trolley to start chating lol

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