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Sorry I seem to be a bit of a thread hog today! but I keep thinking of things :)

I think everyone should write 5 goals down here and we should check in each month to see how we are getting on!

Mine are:

Eat less salt (I literally put so much salt on everything)

Drink more water

Stop making excuses not to exercise

Lose 1stone by end of September

Try and eat a varied balanced diet rather than just eating rubbish but less of it

whats yours?

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( i feel like im stalking you haha sorry)

My 5 goals:

-Drink more water

-No chocolate, crisps or sweets will enter my mouth (I can sniff not snort it though)

-See a GP and get help for my anxiety and panic attacks

-If I'm to sit on Netflix all day, at least do 10-15mins jogging on the spot per episode.

-Go outside at least once a week


1. Plan meals in advance

2. Eat more fruit and veg

3. Walk more

4. Commit to next 12 weeks and weigh in every week.

5. Drink more water


Drink more water

Walk further everyday

Not to eat high fat/sugar foods

To weigh in weekly even after reaching goal so I never Yoyo again

To get back to a bmi of less than 25 and never go over again


Mine are:

Lose 42.5 lbs in total

Run at least 3 times a week (with help of the NHS podcasts)

Walk more instead of taking the train/bus/car

Drink more water

Count all calories and not to go over ANY day (so far so good!) <-- I know that if I go over I'll probably just feel like giving up!


Not to go back to boredom / stress snacking

Keep my exercises going !!!!!

Not to go back to rushed dinners when back at work

To feel comfortable enough to go swimming

To find my inner will power to achieve the above 😊


Elissy you sound exactly the same as me!!! I agree with all of your goals and they are all problems for me

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I'm trying to put together some measurable targets so I can actually see that I am achieving them!

1. To go out on my bike at least twice a week.

2. When I am going to binge, to lay out all the food I am going to binge on and to only eat that. Ideally I would put don't binge but I think that is unrealistic for the time being.

3. Do not hide what I am eating.

4. Not to drink more than 2 glasses of wine at a time.

5. Lose 3 pounds by the end of August.

Good luck everyone.


It's good to keep saying goals aloud, so here are mine:

1. Lose another 10lb (no deadline)

2. Have salad everyday

3. Have fruit everyday

4. Try not to drink alcohol the night before a run

5. Keep running 2-3 times a week


These goals are great and I feel like we are all on the same page! lets make a mental note to post on the 6th September to update how we are getting on :D


I really like this idea!

Mine are:

1) Only drink two nights a week and a max of two drinks on those nights

2) To go to the gym a minimum of twice a week

3) To get see a 9st something on the scales in the next two weeks

4) To plan lunches and continue to plan healthy dinners

5) To be kinder to myself and treat myself (not with food!) at least once each week


So reassuring to know I'm not alone, love this idea!

My 5 are....

1. Drink more water daily

2. Not to reach 4 a bag of sweets when I'm feeling down/bored/sorry 4 myself!

3. Not to drink during the week.....if something crops eg drink with friends, stick to vodka & soda, limited to 2 drinks.

4. Exercise minimum 2 times a week (hv to b realistic or else I'll start letting myself down).

5. Reach 9st 7lbs by Sept 5th, anniversary weekend away with hubby x

Good luck everyone! X

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More exercise

drink less water

plan meals

Stop beating myself up after eating a pack of crisps

And look forward to being thinner!

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My goals are:

1. Eat 3 meals a day and avoid snacking.

2. Drink 8 glasses of water per day.

3. Use 1 tbsp Oatbran with every meal

4. Continue with my Yoga but start couch to 5k to increase my cardio exercise.

5. Lose 1lb per week.

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My 5 goals are

1: drink more water

2: stop my Sunday cake habit

3: go to bed Earlier

4: don't sit on sofa as soon as I get in

5: take fruit to work to stop the unhealthy grazing

Good luck everyone else!


Morning, mine five are -

1. Keep up with the C25K and be able to

run for the whole 30 minutes in nine


2. Completely stop the diet coke, I've cut

back a lot but still have a can a day.

3. Drink more water.

4. To fit in a dress I've not worn for

about five years by Christmas.

5. To start to love myself more and treat

my body how it should be treated

and not filling it with rubbish!

Good luck everyone with all your goals. :)


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