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Hello all


My name is Emily, I am 28 and am huge! I weigh 18stone4lb and have tried everything from calorie counting to fad diets. My problem is I have absolutely no will power, I am good for a morning then screw it up binge eating. I am very active, I have a horse, walk and swim a lot and am on my feet a lot despite my office job.

Has anyone got any tips for overeating in this way?

Thanks :)

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Hi Emily,

You sound just like me ... I have put on 3st in a year and on Monday I started this plan. I must say the first two days were very hard, the biscuits and cakes were calling my name! It was horrendous. But yesterday I noticed that I didn't feel or crave for the bad stuff. I Already feel like I've lost weight too. My advice is take it a day at a time....

Keep strong

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Thank you Raq36. I just feel like I am addicted to junk food its so hard!

well done for doing so well :) keep at it.

Its nice to have these forums to get support actually. Im following Myfitnesspal but it all seems to be American people so nice to have something more local!

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I love junk too... No I'm addicted! But I know I've got to cut it out all together because once I start I can't stop! I ate a curry with rice for lunch and found the strong flavours really satisfying.

Let me know how you get on today.


Hi emily - I am also a Myfitnesspal (MFP) as is hannah from this board. I LOVE it - so easy and once I could scan a bar code on my cereal to log my breakfast I was hooked!

MFP actually has a breakdown of protein, sugars, carbs, sodium etc for everything you eat plus what your goal should be for these. Just look at your food diary for today ( or any day) and turn your phone to landscape - all will be revealed!

I am also using Fitbit and interfacing the two of them so it works well for me. I will go through and reply to some other answers you gave - I tend to be pretty mouthy LOL

My ID on MFP is the same as here of you want to friend me.



I will do :) I literally go off to eat in secret is really bad, have had like 4 x mcdonalds this week argh!!!

had some cereal so far and trying to decide what to have for lunch! its my birthday in 2 weeks too so dreading that!

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Cereal is a really bad breakfast as it is full of sugar. Try some poached eggs on wholemeal bread instead.


Quit sugar! It's the sugar which makes you behave like this. Say that you will do it for two weeks and if you don't start feeling better then you don't have to give it up any more.

And make sure everything you do eat that is healthy is food that you love.

Good luck

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but isn't there sugar in everything even fruit etc? or do you just mean the crappy sugar like choc and biscuits * they always have biscuits at work and I sit next to the kitchen

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I would start with just the added sugar rather than fruit!

I hasten to add that I am not very good with practicing what I preach here but I do try and cut out as much refined sugar as I can.

I've seen below someone recommend Slimming World and it's a good idea as it naturally limits refined sugars

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Hey Emily, have you tried slimming world? They don't have any kind of portion control. You can eat as much rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits etc as you want. But like all diets you will have to limit your intake of cakes, biscuits etc.

I am trying it at the moment, week 1 for me and it's not been too bad. I do think I should limit my portions though so I am using the NHS info on what constitutes a portion and I have a portion control plate! Will see how it goes, my biggest problem will always be the lack of exercise but you seem to be getting a lot so hopefully if you trying slimming world it will work.


yeah I absolutely hated it. I eat on the run a lot and don't have time to cook meals all the time it couldn't of been worse for me. calorie counting seems to work best as if I do have to grab a sandwich or something least I can base it on the calorie content


well done sandylynne let me know how your loss is this week. it helps keep me going seeing other peoples successes :)


Hi hun x welcome x

I think so many of us on here are victims of sabotage and binge eating! Ive lost the majority of my weight by joining Slimming World 6 years ago, but lately my willpower is faining desperately!

I'm hoping that being on here and sharing our ups and downs will be the encouragement I need to stop the junk! I want to come on here and be positive, share any successes, but know there's support when the bad days(undoubtedly) occur xx


Thanks Ellejay1984, lovely to meet you. how much have you lost so far? I think we will all defo have bad days but its great to see everyone doing so well too!

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Totally the same problemmmm with me.

I've just been repeatedly told that if you quit eating junk for a while, you will realise just how crappy it tastes when you go back to it! So atm, I'm just testing out this theory and going on a 9(?) month strict diet of just fruit and veg (I'm doing this cause my friend did and lost so much weight! She didn't even exercise much as she gets bad migraines)

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Hello! You will find this forum really supportive - I come on here regularly (especially when I am craving something as it takes me mind of it!). I only started just under 2 weeks a go and lost 2.6 lb in my first week. I've been to two weddings and a cheese and wine evening since so will be happy to maintain on Monday's weigh in!

I have increased my veg massively - I take carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks to work as my snack - and I feel so much better for it. Way more energy now. Drinking lots of water helps too as I found that I often ate when my body was actually telling me I was thirsty! Many trips to the loo though...

I have cut right down on carbs and have had next to no refined sugar. It was hard for the first 3-4 days and I had a terrible headache from it but I got through it and you will to!

Good luck!


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I was going to say do other people feel ill when they start a diet, I always feel really bloated and sick and shakey!


my friend was saying cutting sugar from your diet can cause withdrawals an tricks your body into thinking it needs sugar; you just need to avoid regardless and your body will thank you in time x


We all have testing times; eating right helps. Some foods stimulate your appetite and set you up for a fall. Some foods satisfy your appetite, leaving you feeling capable of declining anything.

Eating 40g of low Gi, low fructose carbs at each meal will replenish your glycogen for intense activities.

A sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables will provide fibre and micro-nutrients.

Having a palm-size (or a little less) of natural protein at most meals helps to satiate appetite and build/repair lean body tissues.

Two-thirds of the energy we use is from fat, either ingested or from body-fat reserves. The balance of what we eat coming from natural fat provides fat soluble vitamins, building blocks for insulation, and as importantly keeps leptin, insulin and IGF-1 hormone levels low, making it easier to regulate appetite, and potentially live a longer, healthier life.

All the best emilygrace87 :-)


Evening hun, how's your day been?

I've been 100% so far.........I did go into the kitchen earlier and did a sweep of my cupboards, craving something sweet - bad habits are hard to break away from! But I thought of everyone on here and opted for a tiny box of my daughter's raisins instead. Not great I know, but it was an achievement for someone like me who can crave sugar!!

Off for a power walk this evening, every little helps x L x


Hi there, I'm addicted to junk food. I'm gonna really have to try because I don't still want to be 14 stone when I'm 60 next year.

Sounds like you're doing well because you know what you have to do and you're quite active so that's great. It's just the cravings for me and I don't really like veg etc, so it's blinking hard.

Anyway all the best.

Kind regards.


Don't have bickies, donuts, crisps, cake etc in the house, then you can eat them.

When going for a walk avoid popping into the shops.

Don't go checking the discounted sandwich/cake section in the supermarket.


Hi Emily

I am 5'11" and 139 kilos (21st plus some) so I am huge as well! I was overweight as a kid and have been obese for 40 long, painful years.

You have a choice to make and you need to stick to that choice. Make a commitment that you will stick to a healthy eating plan like your life depends on it.

Become aggressive about your weight loss, learn to HATE the Maccas and biscuits that have made you fat. Really HATE them. Create urgency, a sense of commitment to shedding all that horrible fat and emerging as the person YOU know you really are on the inside.

Don't be like me who has wasted their life hating their body and failing time after time. Life is waiting for you - go and grab it...in a bikini!!!

I have read through your posts and will reply to a few.

You say you are too busy to eat healthy - millions and millions of people every single day manage to find a way too eat healthy and not load on the pounds and many of them are WAY busier than you and I - there is no reason at all that we can not do the same. Its not easy and requires work and organisation but it CAN be done. You CAN make time in your day to create a healthy meal alternative. You just have to be willing to sacrifice to do that.

We have spent a lot of time and money makes ourselves this big - now we have to invest some time in reversing the damage. There is no "easy way".

It sounds like you enjoy being out and active. Have you thought about a personal trainer - just for a few months to get a routine in place for you?

Yes there is sugar in many things but these process differently I am not saying you can eat 100 apples and not put on weight BUT fruit has a much lower GI than say chocolate biscuits so they burn lower for longer and therefore you do not put on as much weight with a healthier choice sugar like fruit.

At the moment I am working 12 hours a day 7 days in a little shop - the boss is away so its just me and about 5 customers a day so I have to be super organised but I get up and spend an 30 minutes every second morning putting together lunch which I then have 2 days in a row like Pork, White Bean and Kale Soup or a Lamb Power Salad.

And MFP will let you import pretty much any recipe on the web you find and calculate the calories for you.

I have one of these 90 second microwave quick porridge things in the morning - hi fibre and then I add a splodge of peanut butter and tsp of honey. Delicious and quick - and healthy!

Hiding and eating Maccas - OMG - I am SO there with you LOL I used to go through drive through, order a "normal" meal and then say out loud "Hmmm what did Jenny want..ummmoh thats right!" and then order ANOTHER meal and wolf it all down in the car park. I just think its criminal - there SHOULD be higher taxes on junk food. Its making our nations obese and costing the health system trillions of dollars.

My worst WORST time of day is when I am driving home from the shop, tired and grumpy and I pass by a supermarket 2 minutes from home that has my FAVOURITE chocolate of all time right near the door - 300g of delicious chocolate evilness...at least every 2nd night I would buy one thinking "Right thats it - last one EVER" and then much on that sweet chocolate goodness while I watched TV.

I started this diet on Monday. I KNOW this is my last diet. I feel more committed than ever, I have just quit smoking 3 months ago so I know I can quit an addiction and my heads in the game.

But I came here on Tuesday saying HELP ME - 2 hours before I was due to drive hoe I was craving that chocolate - it was like a big empty hole in my gut...and I was actually full from dinner - I guess its the food addict thing.

Anyway I found a pod cast called "Cut The Fat" and thought I would try having that playing in my ears as I drove home. It worked and as I cruised past the supermarket I just smirked and kept trying to understand the difference between complex and simple carbs :) Its a GREAT podcast and really informative and interesting.

And its really hard when someone is talking about health, health, health in your head to think about wanting chocolate.

Well I think I have blabbed for long enough lol

I hope I have not been "too" honest with you about some things and I hope I have given you some ideas about others.

We are in this together here in this forum and before you pick up that biscuit SOS us and we'll be there to support you.



Hi lovely x how are you doing today? X


fads diets dont work my gp told me it they way foward is to change your diet and your eating i lost over a stone in a month and all i did was cut off eating crap junk food nothing else no workouts nothing only more veg and fruit if you want something to nibble on have a apple i found it really easy its called having willpower and nothing more

you dont look fat in your picture you have a lovely face x


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