I yo yo and am really disappointed in my self (actually disgusted ) that all the weight I lost between last July and April has piled back on

This time last year I felt really uncomfortable and decided to take myself in hand. I went from 64kg to 57 kg by April and felt and looked great when I went to South Africa for my son's wedding in April. We stayed with lovely people and I know I came home a bit heavier than I went. Instead of weighing myself and getting back on track I hid my head in the sand. Two days ago my lovely hubby bought me a new dress from my favourite shop in my normal size and when I tried it on I couldn't zip it up. I finally got on the scales and weighed in at 63.7 kg. Nearly what I was before losing all that weight. I am disgusted with myself. I know how to lose weight. I know what I have to do but this yo yoing is what always happens. I refused to let my hubby send the beautiful dress back. I will get into it. First goal is to get back to a healthy bmi.

How do I stop yo yo dieting and stay a healthy, comfortable weight?


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  • Consistency takes a lot of focus at a time when you can be least motivated! Ok I've got my weight down, now I'm happy with myself so I'll relax and treat myself -to the same relationship with food & drink which made me overweight! When we find ourselves overweight and get that nasty shock we also get a lot of motivation and work to lose weight and get fitter. I've done that loads of time. But we live in an era of super cheap super abundant high quality food and drink. We are lead to believe that we deserve all this stuff!

    I had a really stressful job and my prop was wine bread & cheese - every night! Made me feel better but only for a short time.

    I've made successive changes over a few months but one of the main things which has got me to the point of being able to get lighter and fitter has been Mindfulness - a bit of meditation and learning about thoughts & feelings has really helped.

    Don't be hard on yourself - be harsh on the supermarkets and the media!

    As you lose weight and get fit its important to develop our awareness of how we think and feel at the same time.

    If you want something to read I'd have a look at The Chimp Paradox and the Mark Williams stuff on Mindfulness - it has more relevance than just for depression!

    Enjoy this and treat it as an opportunity to develop yourself towards a different way of living!

  • "Don't be hard on yourself - be harsh on the supermarkets and the media! "

    You are man after my own heart.

    So many people use the "Well just eat less" mentality when it comes to obesity without really understanding the insidious and complex marketing campaign that is waged at us every day to encourage us to eat rubbish.

    We have already gotten to the tipping point of obesity beating smoking as far as chronic health dangers go.

    In Australia cigarettes are in plain packaging and we pay $22for a pack of 25 - MASSIVE taxes are applied to them...yet McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Cadbury... all continues to shovel fat and salt and sugar into our children, setting them up for obesity and disease, and they walk off with a nice fat corporate profit.

    I'll stop lol

  • No one else put the food in my mouth or decided that I should ignore the scales. I knew my clothes felt tighter. Just got a shock when I finally faced up to myself. I need to remain mindful at all times. You are right about relaxing and rewarding myself once I was happy with where I was. Now I have to start over again. This time I plan to continue weighing in weekly even after goal.

  • I know exactly what your talking about. If I had not just read it, I would have swore I wrote your post. Especially when you said you knew how to lose weight and what you had to do to lose it. I have been to lose 6 stone for years. I would drop from 15 to 13 stone and go back up again. I am tired of being a Yo Yo dieter. Maybe we could set challenges for each other and in doing so support each other that way. I am always here if you want to talk

  • Thanks, maybe we should keep in touch and remind each other to weigh in regularly. It is true that once I feel I am happy with my weight I reward myself by going back to my old relationship with food. I forget to weigh in and then find myself back where I started. I am 5'1" and on Tuesday weighed in at 63.7 kg. My first target is to get to a bmi of 25 again I hope to get lower within the healthy band again . I never want to go above that again. Will you keep me accoutable by checking on me to 'weigh in' and face up to myself? I can do the same for you. You have more to lose than me but I will cheer you on. Do you do any exercise? I struggle with that.

  • Zumba is a great exercise. It really does work and you are having fun at the same time. How about every Friday I will check in and make sure to check on you and if you go on a LCHF Low Carb High Fat eating plan of which there is lots free to download off the internet, it will help with your results. Drink 2 litres of water a day, a glass with each meal will help and plenty of walking. So we can bite the bullet together and finally begin to live the life we both deserve.

  • Zuma isn't for me. I have a narrow back(32) but a cupsize of j or k. Even with a sports bra any vigorous exercise gives me back ache. I have even bled when xhoulde straps cut. I tend to co low fat as I have gad gal bladder problems top. I would appreciate your checking up on me on Friday s . Today I did 30 mins brisk walk. How are you ding? Are you doing high fat low carb?

  • Weighed in this morning at 62.9 that's 0.8 kg down since Tuesday . It's going in the right direction! Going out tonight to Toby carvery for a friend's birthday. That's going to be a challenge! I plan to have a late breakfast and miss lunch because we meet at Toby at 5pm so will eat early tonight. Am going for another brisk walk today. How are you faring?

  • We can love ourselves enough to get healthy!

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