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Help and advice needed

I'm a 33 yr old, 5ft 3 female who currently weighs 172lbs I am desperate to lose weight. 3yrs ago I weighed 174lb and managed to get down to 134lb but at the time I worked as a circuit coach in a gym so as you can imagine I was very active. Now I work in an office the weight has slowly creeped back up and I seemed to of lost control. I know that eating healthy and exercise comes hand in hand but I am unable to exercise at the moment due to suffering with subluxing of the peroneal tendon in the ankle and waiting for it to be operated on. Has anyone got any advice on what I can do to try and lose weight whilst not being able to exercise? Thanks everyone

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Hi LC Have you looked at the NHS 12 plan - I know its got an exercise element but if you can work out your calorie needs and target under that level you'll probably start to loose weight. Is there a form of exercise you could do - Could your Doctor help in this? They get funding to help people t lose weight so they might be able to help.

The main thing is to take some action - then results will follow!


Don't give up..there is things that you can do whilst waiting for your ankle operation. Try exercises for your upper body...sitting on chair and using weights, raising arms, leaning forward to pick weights from floor, side stretches with weights, sit ups etc. Although not as calorie burning as high impact cardio exercises such as running, power walking they will improve muscle and make you feel better. Combined with healthy eating they will make a difference to how you look and feel. Also if you can manage it and it doesn't cause your ankle pain try swimming 2-3 times per week. Best of luck and don't let the ankle stop you!! Xx


As I am sure you know lean muscle mass burns more calories and there is nothing stopping you from employing some upper body strength exercises ... you probably motivated a lot of other people and now its your turn to show your real form and motivate yourself.

I assume you aren't calorie counting? Try the Myfitnesspal app - its awesome for calorie counting.

I'd also recommend you listen to the Cut The Fat podcast


Its hosted by a pharmacist (who is also a registered nutritionist) and another lady is a body coach for people entering bikini comps, bodybuilding comps etc.

REALLY interesting info and you might find it reawakens your inner circuit coach!

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