Bake off or Bake OFF!

Bake off or Bake OFF!

Just wondered what members make of the hype around Bake Off and the Great British Menu. I try to avoid TV as much as possible but caught the end of GBM and there is a load of hype around Bake Off around at the moment. Friends of mine who are scrupulously healthy are forever going on about something called a Ruby Tandoh cake they've made. 'Oh, and I've out a couple of pounds on!'

It seems that there is so much entertainment around eating without any thought of the consequences or impact on the our health. Hours of food and eating focussed content without any thought of the health impact. I was looking at some food sections of the Times and the Grauniad this weekend and I couldn't find nutritional information about them. You have to work it out for your self.

What do we think on here? I'm very uneasy about the whole approach of the media in this area. We don't need more food we need better nutrition and I struggle to find it anywhere but specialist sites like this one.

For me its going to be Bake OFF!

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  • I enjoy baking and cooking and watch lots of cookery programmes. I've watched GBBO since the first series and have learned a lot about the craft of baking. I don't need to be told the calorific value of every portion of cake I see as I know it's going to be enormous in comparison to an apple.

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying a piece of cake or an ice-cream occasionally - we just have to learn to enjoy them in moderation and to ensure that the rest of our diet is healthy. That's the difficult bit!


  • I watched the last series of Bake Off, I did find it very entertaining. However, this was when I was eating lots of pastries and baked goods on a daily basis and wasn't trying to become healthier and lose a lot of weight.

    It's unlikely I'll watch this series because I've lost weight and my diet has become a lot healthier so the show doesn't have the same appeal anymore.

  • If I'm honest I love it purely for the entertainment factor. I think as a mature adult I know that cakes are no good for me, so I don't think you can blame a t.v programme for someone eating what they shouldn't! I watched it tonight after going for a run and then eating a healthy dinner, I then knew I could sit enjoying it with a cuppa without being tempted by cake!

  • OMG my last post (which you replied to) was about the bake off ... So I guess you know my opinion of the bake off! Awkward 😉 nicely avoided in your reply though!

  • I really enjoy cooking and in the last 18 months have pushed myself to go from eating rubbish take away a LOT to pretty much creating every single meal I eat.

    So I enjoy watching these shows but often we fool ourselves into believing that home cooking equals more healthy than eating out. Problem is when you are piling sugar and cream into a cake it ain't healthy.

    And you're right these shows glorify the unhealthy. The more cream, the more icing, the sweeter it is the better it is.

    I suppose it IS a positive getting people to cook for themselves because then THEy control what goes into their food...its just that they actually have to CONTROL it!

  • I LOVE the Great British Bake Off!! I watch it more for the entertainment value rather than for the baking aspects - I am no baker!

    The issue is that some of my friends are excellent bakers and we get together every week to watch it and eat cake!! I had not mentally prepared myself last night and indulged in some lemon cake and a peanut cake (both mega delicious!) Luckily I had done a hard work out at the gym and been careful the rest of the day but I'm going to need tactics to get through the next 8 weeks!!!

    I do get what you mean though. I does seem like we have conflicting messages from the media. So many programmes about health and weight shaming (I'm thinking Secret Eaters) and yet the baking of cakes containing thousands of calories is glorified!

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