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Day 3 - bake off (but cake's off)


Hey! How's evrryone getting on today? I'm still loving reading about your success (and sometimes not so successful) stories.

I don't know about you but I love to watch the great British bake off - which starts again tonight. However I find it hard to watch it without enjoying a slice of something cakey myself! Will my willpower prevail ... I must say I am pretty chuffed at my will power to go out walking this afternoon although as you can see from my daily terrible photograph baby wasn't that pleased.

Oh and another question please - not wine related- I'm doing loads of cardio but not a whole load of strength. Which is most important and what sorts of things count as strength exercises? Inspire me!

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I do a lot of cardio and I've been told by the folk at the gym and my son that I need to do weights as well. As I'm looking after a wonky arm following falling off my bike I've been told to start some gentle weights. You could look getting at a couple of dumbels for argos or somewhere like that so you could exercise at home. I'm also learning about bodyweight exercises which are strength exercises without weights. In theory we can just do a few minutes here and there to get the benefit. And now I've run out of excuses I'll be starting mine so I'll let you know!

Kwill86 in reply to andrewleeone

Keep me posted! Thanks 😀

I have been listening to a great podcast where they talked about seeing strength exercises as a priority over aerobic, for two reasons.

1. Strength exercises help your body more reliably cope with the stresses of aerobic exercises, esp. high intensity.

2. The lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn at rest (and play).

If you add 5 pounds of lean muscle mass (doable over 2 or 3 months) your body then burns an ADDITIONAL 250 calories a day - even just sitting in a chair.

This is the equivalent of a 30 minute walk.

And I am also a huge fan of cooking programs. You clearly have a linkage between food and that program so just for the next few episodes ban eating in the living room to try and break that cycle. Oruy some REALLY good dark chocolate and much on some squares of that.

GoogleMeMaintainer in reply to Dave1961

Really good point there about identifying links and breaking the cycle - without necessarily banning something for all time.

We have home made pizza most weeks and I like to have a glass of red wine with mine. I've changed the glass I use so that I really am having just a small glass and I pour it out in the kitchen and leave the bottle there, and I make sure not to do it *every* time we have pizza so there's not that link there and I know I can still enjoy the pizza without.

I also lobby hard for cinema trips not to involve eating or drinking every time!

Great British Bake Off the best telly programme ever and your right you feel like you have to have cake or something whilst watching it. Ifelt the urge and went for a very boring cup of tea. But programme was entertaining that I forgot about eating. Laughed so much the hour was gone in a sec.

I walk and hoping to do weights soon as my frozen shoulder heals.

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