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I have recently moved in with my boyfirend and we have both realised we have been putting on extra weight, from enjoying our no longer long distance relationshi, we have eaten out more and been buying each other treats. However I stood on the scale yesterday and was shocked to see I was now 11 and a half stone! I have always been over weight but never this big before :(

So I have begun a calorie controlled diet, I have a book with tips and tricks in and space to record what I am eating, and I plan to get back into exercising.

If anyone has any tips or advice to keep me on track and motivated, it would be most appriciated :)

Here is to the next tough, but hopefully rewarding 12 weeks!!!!

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Make sure you boyfriend is 100% behind you so that he stops buying you those treats and encourages you to eat healthily at meal times. I know my weight loss would have been impossible without all the support and help from my boyfriend.

Good luck!

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Thank you, and most defineitly :)


Easy to put on yet so much harder to lose it. You definitely need support from those close to you and I am sure you can lose what you want to lose.

All the best



Good luck with your journey!

Everytime you get a craving like crisps in front of the TV, do something that keeps your hands busy, like painting you nails - I find the smell of the polish shuts down my appetite too.

I'm hoping to close the gap on my relationship soon - so I'll be keeping track of how things go for your with keen interest ;)


Hi, you have already crossed the first hurdle by checking your weight and deciding to tackle it. I agree with alex7ra that it would help to get your boyfriends support during your weight loss journey. Maybe you could start to go for regular walks together to kick start your excercise plan. You will also find lots of support and motivation from reading the posts on here. Good luck.


Hello, this is exactly why I decided to change my eating habits! My boyfriend is a really fussy eater so I got hold of the Hairy Dieters books and went through it with him on recipes he likes and what he was willing to try. This seems to be working, I'm losing weight but he is still getting to eat proper food!

Good luck!


My best friends husband loves her to death and because she is a chocoholic he thinks the best way to show his love is to buy her expensive chocolate treats.

I have noticed her waistline expanding and I know its a love thing from him but weird how love can make you fat!

I assume you have a smartphone?

Download the MyFitnessPal app.

Its free and AMAZING for calorie counting. I was hooked from the moment it let me scan a barcode on my cereal box and logged a serving for breakfast - it took like 2 seconds.

I was even MORE hooked when i found out I could just pick a recipe from the web, tap IMPORT and it would bring in all the ingredients, confirm what serving sizes I was using and presto. Calories calculated and recipe stored.

Its really like magic how easy it is.

And it makes calorie books and stuff obsolete. Did I mention it was free?

Gosh I sound like a sales rep for them LOL


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