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I'm in week four of the diet and my weight loss is stuck. The first two weeks went really well and I lost 6 1/2 lbs then last week I struggled to stick to healthy eating because of a social function which involved lots of cake, clotted cream teas and strawberries and cream (honestly I was shocked at how much people put on their plates when they can help themselves!). I was careful and someone even commented that I was "holding back" lol! And also because I had to work in a different place for two days, where lunch was provided - again I tried to be very careful. The week ended with a surprise fish and chips from my husband and son (which I just could not resist!). So, after week 3, I was lucky to have lost 1/2 lb and not to have put on. However, all of this week, despite being good, my weight has fluctuated between putting on a 1/4 or 1/2 lb and losing the same with the net result that I am stuck!

How can I get it moving again? I feel I must have confused my body or my fat cells. I forgot to say that I always exercise over 150 minutes a week as I play both tennis and golf....and walk dogs... All advice gratefully accepted as I am likely to give up if I don't see any downward movement very soon!!!

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Well it sounds as if you've seen a bit of what maintaining a healthy weight might look like.

Just because you might be following the 12 week plan remember its just a plan. You say you were choosing food consciously - is this not better than just diving in?

It does sound as if you've had a bit of peer pressure going on there as well - its really sad how some people behave when we are making changes in our lives. I was at a garden party at the weekend where I could happily serve myself with 350 cals of lovely food and the talk was how much have you lost? How have you done it? These were people who themselves had made big changes themselves - loosing 5-6 stone for health & career reasons.

My lesson - who you hang around with matters.

The guys who had lost the weight had almost gone away and done it in secret and then turned up with their new bodies. But everyone was impressed. Other people have no right to make comments like 'you're holding back.' Yes, I'm holding back from heart disease, diabetes, dementia, certain cancers, a low quality of life in old age . . . I wonder what would happen if people made comments along the lines of should you be eating all that in your state? :-)

You've done well in and amongst the usual food hijacks of modern Britain. Its never easy.

You are already moving forward again because you've posted here!

Can you get your husband a bit more on board? I'll re-phrase that - How can you get your husband a bit more on board? Enjoy your Fish & Chips - ditch half the chips and as much of the batter as you can bear and you'll learn to eat like a skinny person.

Focus on what you can do right now and be courageous in pushing back when there is a food hijack. How about a bit of complaining at these events - grab the catered and ask where is the healthy option? and if it isn't appropriate - tell them!



Hi Trunchball.

Try not to panic, yes the scales can be fickle at times but over time it should even out.

I have had a similar few weeks and it does take a lot of determination and effort to keep on track. I know after my few days socialising I felt really bloated ,heavy and uncomftable and I think it's because our bodies do adjust to a healthier lifestyle so when we go back to old habits it rebels big time !!

Try and concentrate on the now and not weigh self till your actual weigh day and what about changing what you eat ? I tend to get in a rut and sometimes need to rethink and try new foods.

Hope this helps, have a good week and don't give up 😃😃



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