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I got the munchies yesterday after all my exercise, looked at my fruit and veg options and thought 'meh'. luckily I had no naughty things in the house but had a box of Go Ahead yogurt-coated biscuits. I like these but have one gripe: the calorie listing is for one biscuit, but they come in packs of two. This reminds me of Little Britain's Marjorie Daws - "only half the calories so you can have twice as much!"

Anyway, there was a time when I would have scoffed both and then looked for chocolate, but pleased to say, I ate the one, put the other back in the cupboard, to have later.

Small victories! 😄

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Love it.

When we do these things it reminds us that we DO have willpower and we CAN take control over our eating.

As you say small victories but these all help to build our healthy lifestyle determination .

Now send me some of your willpower so I can make it past the chocolate shop as I drive home. :D

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You can do it Dave! 👍


Stuff like the Go Ahead biscuits are an attempt by the food industry to get us fat! You've done well to spot them at their games. Next time have a drink - even artificially sweetened water might just do the trick - and its your brain you are tricking! Its having a little panic and needs reassuring however you need change! Have a range of responses ready and you'll be amazed how easily you can sort out these little cravings. Water, Fizzy Water, Flavoured fizzy water, Nice cup of tea, etc. Choose one, have it and wait! See what happens. Cravings always subside!

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