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My weight loss

Just to give a bit of inspiration on weight loss to say its not easy is an underestimation, we all like to 'indulge ' now and again temptation is all around us, big time, easy to say i burned what ever calories

walking or in the gym, but easy to ply it all back on, more so harder if you have a disability, and really have to do it by diet alone.

I was 95 kg eight weeks ago and now 79 kg most through reducing my calories, i do mange to walk as cardio exercise but limited, my goal is to get to 74 kg but im stuck on 79 to 80 kg.

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Your starting weight and your end weight are nearly the same as mine! Congratulatins on losing all that weight in 8 weeks. I was told that it would take me a year to lose that amount of weight. Would you mind telling me how many calories you had a day?


I stared with 2100 calories a day reducing this to 1500 a day, and with were ever possible walking what ever i can do, the app is quite good informing you of your calories when entering on cardio .


Thank you so much. It makes me so happier knowing that it isn't going to take longer than a year. :) xx


WOW! You are totally rocking your weight loss.

I am SO impressed with that loss. Just starting this week so you have given me something to strive for:D


95 to 79 in eight weeks!!! AWESOME! Now you are lighter your natural calorie burn might be less. You are having to move 16KG less with every step. You might have a steadier weight loss but just stick with the program! As someone suggested to me if you are getting a bit stuck, change your exercise routine - you've adapted to it so rock it up a bit! Remember 16KG in 8 weeks is a lot of weight to have lost in a short time! Every 100g off is 100g off!

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