Had A GREAT Day!

I went shopping today to buy some workout clothes. The first clothes that I tried on fit me perfectly! I got home and I decided to go for a run in my new gear.

I got dressed in my new clothes and started walking down the road. However, I couldn't find week one of the podcasts on my iPod (I must have accidentally deleted it!). So instead of going back home and watching TV for the rest of the evening I did a week 2 run. I was able to complete it without feeling too tired!

All in all I had a great day today. Leave comments below telling me how your week has been xx


Cutback xx


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10 Replies

  • Well done, cutback!

    I too was tempted to go home today when I went for my Zumba class but it was full body conditioning instead. But the leisure centre's policy of making you pay for missed classes motivated me to go for it anyway, and it was actually ok.

    I'm having a bad week with arthritis so couldn't hold weights and I'm still achy now, but hey, it will improve soon. So far I've resisted comforting myself with Dairy Milk, hopefully can keep up the good work.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  • I know what you mean I always find some excuse not to go but then I know how guilty I'll feel if I don't. So I haul myself out of the door and I feel really proud of myself when I have finished.

    I hope your arthritis gets better soon! Well done for staying away from the dairy milk. You have done better than me. :) I indulged in a cinnamon pretzel today from Auntie Annie's worth 470 calories! Lukily I was able to fit it in and end up with 1378 calories today. xx

  • Nice job!!

  • Thank you xx

  • I love it - well done on choosing the RIGHT option when you couldn't get your podcast.

    First week and so far I am doing great except I do need to add in a little more exercise but all in all I am pretty happy.

    Plus I had to have some blood tests this morning so that should be a few more oz's off the scales right? ;)

  • Woop woop well done. I obviously need to go shopping for workout clothes if it has this effect. Watch this space lol! Keep up the good work, loving your posts x

  • Way to go! Podcasts are great but you can do a lot on your own!

  • Hey cutback - I bought new gym wear today - your fault 😉 roll try them out now!

  • I'm so pleased for you! Let me know how it goes at the gym. It's funny how much motivation new clothes gives you! :) xx

  • Just re -read my message to you - I meant 'will' not 'roll' although I feel like I'm rolling most of the time lol! I only work out at home so I can just admire my new gym leggings myself haha

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