Day two (and thoughts about 'wine points')

Day two (and thoughts about 'wine points')

Day 2! Still loving hiking with baby by day (I attach a terrible photograph of what was an incredible hilly view) and continuing my love affair with Davina by night. I often find myself thinking about the amazing things my body has done creating and delivering my baby and that gives me motivation to complete harder workouts but also gives me belief that I can achieve my goal. Anyone else thought about it this way? Funny really because diet wise becoming pregnant onwards was the downwards spiral for me! ok so opinions please - does anyone else not meet their 1400 a day and save the remaining calories for a nice meal and wine that week? Does this work? I have got 400 spare that I'm thinking of cashing in on wine - wine points - when I go out for a meal on Thursday (day 4) or Is it better to just save the points on that day with a smaller breakfast and lunch. Either way I am having wine so wine lovers out there please advise 😃


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8 Replies

  • It's up to you but I would personally do it day by day because, for me, it would get complicated. But you should do what you want since it's your diet! From Cutback xx By the way you have a beautiful baby!

  • I am making a note at the bottom of each day how many calories I have left over so hopefully its ok to do this? Aww thanks, I like him 😉

  • I think that it's great that you have found what works for you! I know I always look forward to treating myself! Hope all goes well!

  • I lost over 3 stone with Rosemary Conley a few years back and their classes always said you can save up to 100 cals of treats from each day to cash in on whatever you like at the weekend - wine, chocolate, food etc. I used to do it each week and I still lost weight successfully. You've got to be able to find something that fits in with your lifestyle, that way you're more likely to be able to maintain it.

    I know what you mean about tummys! I often look at my overweight tum and feel disgusted with myself, but then in the back of my mind I know it's made new life 3 times and I truly love it for that x

  • I've done Rosemary Conley too and I loved it ! Unfortunately I moved house and there isn't a class around here. I loved the exercise part. Well that's all decided then, bring on the wine haha! Thanks all 😀

  • The part of us that wants a treat all the time is a menace! Steve Peters calls it our Inner Chimp. I've struggled with this a lot but actually for me being fit and healthy is far more important than encouraging my inner chimp to expect the wrong sort of treats all the time. As much as I love wine - its gone and now I don't miss it! As much as I Love a beer its almost gone and I feel so much better as a result! Have a think about what really is the best way for you to treat yourself and the long term implications of it. We live in a world where the whole food industry is throwing this stuff at us cheap, high quality and abundant and we don't need it!

    If I'm having a beer it has to come out of that days calories - and I enjoy it so much more, but I also notice the consequences much more far more than when I was irregular drinker!

    If your chimp is unhappy, give it a banana!

  • I had the same dilemma. Tried doing without any alcohol but it did affect my private life as my partner and I had always enjoyed a leisurely meal out with some wine, or a couple of drinks on rugby days etc. As we're in our sixties now, I didnt want to alienate my partner or friends by refusing to " join in" , so I swapped my large wine for a gin and slimline, or glass of prosecco ( smaller measure 125ml ) and counted it in my daily calories. This meant some days going over, so Id adjust next day and worked on a weekly average . This kept me on track and kept everyone happy, I lost my 2st , reached a bmi of 22.5 and have been maintaining this for the past four months. In my opinion, total denial of something will catch you out and you then risk going beserk, so try to incorporate it into your routine in a manageable way.

  • Ok I think I've come across as a bit of a wino ... Or someone with a much better social life than I actually have (I am a mum of a 1 year old don't forget) I'm just on about a few glasses of wine with a meal on Thursday, so you have all made me feel much better about it and I'll enjoy myself thursday knowing I have earnt it. Thanks all! - Elliebath I have to agree with you, I don't do so well if things are forbidden!

    -andrewleeone your posts do make me smile 😀

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