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Its not all about the scale!!

So almost a year ago I started this journey at 16:5. I was so over being fat, overweight, obese.....whatever term you want to give it, I was over it! Now to the present day and almost 6 stone down, and what is my biggest regret......that I didn't take pictures at the beginning of my journey. Now I take that back, I did take pictures but I deleted them because I hated how huge I looked in them.....now I have nothing to compare myself with.

I've never liked taking pictures, they've always been my nemesis. I suppose it was the old adage of you can lie to yourself, but the camera never lies......I wasn't that big was I really....erm, yes you were. I started taking pictures after pressure from those around me after the 3rd month I think, and all I can say is wow.

You see yourself everyday, so don't notice the changes your body makes, but when you reflect back on your pictures, it can really blow your mind. When did that ab start to poke through? where did that bicep come from?......these are things I didn't even notice just looking at myself daily.

So to anyone starting out on this journey, please get out your camera and take as many pictures of yourself as you can, especially the dreaded underwear picture........down the line you'll be so grateful to yourself that you did!!

And another thing, don't always just rely on the scale to tell you if you've lost weight. You can drop inches and not even budge an ounce on the scale so do not let it demotivate you. Pay attention to how your clothes fit, even your shoes......and obviously, your pictures!

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Hi Koomie, thank you for sharing your journey. I recently replaced my old old scales for new new all singing dancing ones. Shock horror, they had me weighing 4lbs more. It slightly derailed me for a week. And i had not used our old ally the tape measure so no pics, no measure. Just the accusing glare of my new unfriendly digital scales. Which are standing on hard flooring etc etc, no excuses to be had. So heed the warning dear friends, the camera and the tape measure may be better friends than we think. Have a lovely day and look at the flowers, they knock your socks off.


I know what you mean about photos - there is one I could use - a friend took it in March not very clear but its there. Maybe one of your friends has an image you don't know about.

Your right that there are all sorts of measures which are useful. Weight is always what we focus on but thats the least consistent one usually - there is always a varying amount of water in our systems let alone whatever is in our digestive systems! Even when measures don't change I notice when I go off my bike and do so much better than previously. Did it last weekend and only noticed afterwards.

Six stone out of the way is a brilliant achievement. You'll look so much younger and fitter, let alone how you feel. How are you celebrating?


Exactly. I have a friend who weighs herself morning and night. I've told her to stop doing it but does she listen, no, and then she wonders why she is always upset in the evening.

Weight fluctuates all the time, this is why I only weigh myself monthly. My clothes will soon tell me if I'm putting anything on! That and comparison pictures. Unfortunately my friends don't have ant photos, I was the queen of dodging the lense....sad times but it's ok you live and learn, that's why I want everyone to get snapping now, hve before pics that you'll go 'wow' at.

And oh the irony, we're going out for a blow out meal to celebrate, ha ha ha. The difference is, before I would have carried on eating after that meal, now I've got a boxing PT session booked for the next day!


Wow thats just fantastic - I am SO impressed when people can stick to their plan and make it happen. And probably make it look easy when we all know its NOT easy its lots of hard work and dedication and sometimes just plain old stubborn determination.

Good reminder on the photos. The LAST time I tried to lose weight a few years ago I did exactly the same - took the photos and then deleted them in disgust later on lol

I will be taking some tonight and emailing them to myself so they don't get lost again!

Well done - you're a star!


Thanks Dave. It is hard work as you know if you're on this journey. I really believe it's a case of how much you really really want to lose it.

You've got to sacrifice, you've got to dig deep, you've got to challenge yourself with things you never thougth yourself capable of doing. I discovered that if I want something, I won't stop until I get it.......I never knew this about myself......maybe because I've never wanted anything badly enough.

Anyway, you make sure you take your pictures, and keep them no matter what they look like because you'll be able to look back and say I DID IT!!!

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