First day of the rest of my life(please)

Hi, I got up this morning and thought what are you doing to yourself, get on with sorting things out. Harder said than done as I looked for help it looked very overwhelming.

I've been losing weight for nearly a year managed to lose 2 stone, but I've got really stuck as health problems seem to have overtaken. I am turning 50 at the end of the year and want to get back on track so I have decided to take the 12 week challenge.

I would really appreciate support as am off work at the moment and am finding it really hard to find people to talk to.


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25 Replies

  • Good luck I am turning50 in couple weeks and decided have to sort my weight out...I find this site excellent as there are people like me who have lots of weight to lose...I do the Monday weigh in now also it helps boost me along xxx

  • Hope you are having a good week so far. Looking at all the posts have really inspired to give this my all.

    Fab and fifty is my goal and I really feel I deserve that and im sure you do too.

  • Hi Jo4950,

    Welcome to the forum, and I think it's great that you've decided to do the NHS 12 week plan - it's got such a lot of really good advice and the structure is easy to follow. The people in this forum are so supportive, and there are always people around most times of day and night, so I'm sure you'll have plenty of support.

    If you like a 'group weigh-in' then I do a Monday weigh-in thread, which I usually post before 7am in the morning, or thereabouts, and it's very well attended with lots of like-minded people all wanting to lose weight in a healthy way. They are doing really well. I realise group weigh-ins aren't for everyone, but if you wanted to join in, then I hope you will.

    I find that using an app to track calories and exercise is helpful, and I use Myfitnesspal - it's free and easy to use. Quite a few people seem to use it - but there are others around as alternatives too.

    Anyway, I hope your day is progressing ok, as you have made some definite positive steps towards your goal to sort some things out. It can definitely feel quite over-whelming when tackling things, but making those first steps means you're closer to achieving things.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    I really appreciate your positive words. I will be glad to join in with a group weigh in. Next Monday I will be able to give my loss. Hooray !!!!!!

    I will look in to getting the app you mentioned as well as im sure it will really help me to have a better control.

    I feel really positive and am glad I have found the forum.

    Here's to a great first week.

    Many thanks jo4950

  • Hi Jo,

    I'm so glad to hear you'll be joining us, it will be great to have you on board, and hopefully you'll find it a supportive weigh-in group to be part of.

    The forum is really good - so many positive people around and we're all in the same boat in terms of trying to lose weight healthily.

    Just go to and you'll find the app.

    Here's to a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I have started today too. Best of luck!

  • I hope you have a wonderful week and have the results you want. Good luck !

  • Sadly I'm nearer 60 than 50 and started this health kick thinking that I would be able to lose weight simply by exercising and eating healthily without actually counting calories. It didn't work which is why I am here but I have got hooked on exercise and do various classes at a gym I joined. I was really self-conscious about going along to classes at first but have found that the other participants, especially at daytime classes, are nearly all 50 pluses looking to get fitter, increase their flexibility and lose weight too. There are lots of us about, so never feel alone.

  • Thanks, i'm trying to fit in a proper walk or bike ride everyday, then join the gym in a few weeks, as like you I feel very conscious of what I look like at present. I used to swim a lot years ago so i'm hoping to pluck up enough courage to get to the pool. Really glad I join the forum as I already feel more positive that this is going to work and I am going to get there.

    Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it.

  • Hi Jo,

    Sorry to hear health problems have put you off track but you are right to rethink, take stock and move it on.

    What a great target your 50 😃

    I know having time on your hands is difficult, I was early retired in February and had to work really hard to keep day on track.

    You will find loads of positive inspiration and support

    Have a good week


  • Evening Flossie

    I really appreciate your post and it makes me feel much more positive as often family and friends get bored with the losing weight thing.

    I want to be fab and fifty not frumpy so I getting on with it.

    At the end of the day I'm the only one who can change.

    I hope you are having a good week and everything is going to plan.

  • I am in exactly the same boat.....i think the word is HELP....

  • We can do it together and fight it all. Hooray....... we are better than all of that stuff!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm about most of the day so you can always post for a chat.

  • Hello Jo - thanks for taking the trouble to reply - YES PLEASE - that would be absolutely great and thanks very much...I am around most of the day too - probably one of the worst reasons for the weight gain - I live in Worcester Park, do you live anywhere nearby??

  • I'm afraid I live in Peterborough, but I am really happy to chat anytime. We can keep each other going though. It's nice to talk to someone who knows how it feels!!!!

    I've just moved and feel quite isolated so this seems to make it worse.

    But hey this is the time to take one day at a time and love ourselves for who we are and enjoy life.

  • No problem at all....this will make me happy enough.....GOOD LUCK...I AM DEF GOING TO GIVE IT MY BEST SHOT.....Xxx

  • Hi. I'm new here too (as of yesterday) and can honestly say the friendliness and supportive words I've received so far have been lovely. Good luck with your journey. 😊

  • Hi. Thanks for that and I can really feel the friendliness already. It feels good to know that everyone understands how it feels to be in this situation.

    Hope you are having a good week so far and hope your journey is going well.

  • Ahhh yes I remember when my mantra was "Fit At Fifty"....

    And I really want you to have that!

    Get as much offline support as you can as well. Download the MyFitnessPal app - its free and its awesome!

    Tune into this podcast and start listening - they have about 70 episodes there so far and its really a good little show - make sure you start at the first episode as there is lots of interesting and helpful tips for us chunky people :)

  • Thanks for info, I will give the podcasts ago. I've downloaded My fitness app this morning so I'm going to get started on that. So all in all with the 12 week plan it should be a good week.

    Hope you have a good week.

  • So Jo, how is it going.....i am on my 3rd day and so far have been quite good, for me that

  • Hi hope day4 is going well for you. I had a bit of an internet blip yesterday all fixed now I hope. I have been trying to get out for a short walk every day. Not far but I put my earphones in listen to lively music it is really helping as I feel a bit more relaxed. I nearly gave into a bit of a biscuit urge whilst watching the great British bake off but had a cup of tea and enjoyed the show. Unfortunately I love cooking but I am trying to look for heathy alternatives how are you managing for inspiration...xx

  • Good luck I joined this site today and am hoping to lose weight, comfort eating is my downfall. This site looks very supportive

  • Welcome, this is a very supportive site and doesn't make you feel bad ever and gives lots of advice.

    Good luck for the coming week.

  • Snap, this morning I felt I needed to do something to get fitter and healthier,

    lets hope this forum can help.

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