Food combining

I have tried to follow every plan under the sun to lose weight but found that calorie counting wouldn't work for me as a) it was too much trouble and b) I was using all my calories on sweet things and alcohol!

So I have fallen back on an old friend The Hay Diet which doesn't count calories - I can eat whatever I like just as long as I keep starchy food and protein foods separate. I find myself eating more salad foods and fruits and veg and to be honest I am starting to feel better and lighter though it has only been a week since I started. It is fun to be inventive and I know that I am now treating my body more respectfully. I have many health issues and I have finally decided to take responsibility for my health into my own hands. has anyone else gone down this route as I would love to find a food combining buddy! :-)


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10 Replies

  • Yes I have tried it and I did feel better and am beginning to seriously think about trying it again. It makes sense the way are bodies digest different food groups so I am happy to join you in a food combining quest. I want to loose 4 stone by April!!!!!! As I am getting married!! Let me know if you want to team up and we can swap ideas and receipts! Good luck! Diana 😊

  • Hi Diana. Thanks for replying to my post! I would be interested in following your progress and I will keep you updated with mine. Although I would like to lose at least a stone I have been feeling unwell for so long that I decided I had to start eating well and I think the Hay Diet is a healthy way to eat as well as delicious. For breakfast I had half of a sliced nectarine with strawberries and natural yogurt, for lunch I had salad and sliced tomato sandwiches (using butter not spread) and as our evening meal is fish based I will have oven baked Basa with salad and vegetables. I still allow myself a glass of wine later in the evening with a low fat chocolate bar as a treat. I hope we can both get into this and I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

    Best wishes


  • Hello Kate

    Thank you for your reply. I have tried really hard this week and I definately feel better in myself food combining.

    I feel I must tackle my health too as have also felt unwell and uncomfortable due to excess weight. We will support each other and keep in touch!

    If you want to email me my address is:

    I don't always visit the site!

    Good luck


  • Hi Diana. I hope it helps if only to make you feel better physically. That is sometimes the thing that spurs us on to keep at it. I will email you later.

    Best wishes


  • Did this diet work for you before, you talk about it being "an old friend"?

    Please be aware that it does have drawbacks.

  • Hi Penel. Yes I have a lot of food combining books and though I never really made it a way of life I have always returned to it in times of need. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis and spinal stenosis and some of the drugs I take to control it make me put on weight and also feel quite unwell most of the time. When I food combine I eat healthier food or starve as it needs to include lots of fresh fruit and veg and whole foods. Already this week I feel 'less unwell' and less bloated, I'm mostly vegetarian (I eat fish) so I am always anaemic and can't tolerate Iron so life can be a struggle at times. I am happy on this regime though in fairness I will check out your link. Thankyou for your reply.

  • Have you read the Deliciously Ella blog? It may be worth trying out the diet and seeing if it helps you feel better.

    Good luck on your journey

  • Hi alex7ra. No I haven't read that blog but I will do. Thank you xx

  • Hi Witchywoman

    With your various health problems, I wonder if you have thought about trying going gluten/wheat free? Perhaps try something like quinoa to give you some extra protein in your diet.

    Is there any way of getting iron into your diet? Kale possibly? This is another food site that may be useful.

    Good luck with your food combining.

  • Hello again Penel. I have thought more than once about gluten free as I can have problems with bread and bloating but I'm not sure I have staying power to do something that seems like quite a big step. I will definitely look into it further and also check out your link. Thank you for all your help!

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