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One more KG

An interesting week - lost just over 1KG and without this forum I'd been thinking what's the point? All that effort and only a marginal loss of weight. So Checked my measurements and there are also 4 less cm round my waist. Then I remembered the 20 mile 2700 feet of ascent bike ride yesterday.... Which was effortless. Almost so effortless I discounted it. So something must be working. Haven't felt like that since my 20s.

I'm now at 104 kg its been years no decades since I was below 105 so thats significant. Next target is 103 KG which puts me into the overweight BMI category. Thats significant. The next target after that will be to go below 100kg which I hope to do by the end of the month.

I'm getting quite used to only having 1500 calories a day, its comfortable and not too harsh.

Looking back on my record sheets was interesting. slightly more calories this week than last and fewer trips to the gym - last week lost 500g more. Something to learn there. The cycling is going really well - I've a sportive in two weeks time so that focusses the mind but the next step for me is to get out running a bit - only a couple of K to start with but I'm considering the prospect of that with some anticipation rather than dread. I always fond it hard to get nutrition right around running so what I've decided to do is just start with shortish stints no matter when Ive eaten and see what happens.

Best part of this week - lots of old clothes are fitting again. In fact I'm regretting getting rid of a few things I thought I would never fit again. Never mind - I'll treat myself after week 12 to a couple of nice pairs of trousers and a couple of shirts- maybe even a T shirt as well - 'cos I won't look horrible it by then:-)

Enjoy your week!

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You've just lost 1% of your total body weight. Thats pretty significant in my books:)

But yes I DO know what you mean - us large blokes are used to being able to drop weight quite quickly so when things slow down it can be a little demotivating.

This is a life change for you not just a short term thing so you WILL get to your goal weight.

Maybe its time to change up your exercise routine or shake up your diet just to give your body a bit of a jolt?

Well done on the kilo!

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Thats a really good point! 1% is 1%! Already followed up your suggestion and changed exercise pattern!


Well done on your weight loss this week and for finally beating that 105 kg and getting down to 104 kg that is brilliant to hear. Your waist line is also getting smaller which is such a plus :-) you must be feeling well motivated and your goal of getting down to 100 kg by the end of the month is more than possible the way things are going for you.

It is a shame that you got rid of your old clothes you never thought you would fit in again, I did the same, but kept a few really nice things I just couldn't part with. You may need a whole new wardrobe by the end of the 12 weeks, I know I did and still do so that is something to really look forward to. You are doing great so keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your week andrewleeone :-)

Anything is possible

Trafford1 x

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The clothes really weren't worth keeping but they would have been a good benchmark!


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