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Day 2 of 12 week plan

I've felt really positive about dieting and being healthy for the first time in my life! I've always left carbs, or only are grapefruit and eggs, or slimfasts etc.. And by day 3 I'm miserable. But now I'm having fruits and make smoothies and yoghurts and rice and chicken and just enjoying nourishing food! I find I'm already obsessed with calorie counting but Hopefully I'll learn with experience.

I also went for a 30 minute jog, which was so hard! I was slower than people walking and felt like my face was pumping by the end, but got through it. Walked back with jelly legs! I just hope exercise becomes easier!

Thank you everyone here for being so positive and wonderful. I've never imagined that losing weight could be such a 'fun' prospect but thanks to everyone here, it's looking like it will be! Good luck guys!

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woop woop well done, i was wondering how you had got on! Ive sent you a private message. I am starting tomorrow - I will message you my weigh in tomorrow :)


Thats SUCH great news and yes calorie counting CAN be addictive especially if its not something you are used to doing.

Sometimes I just get blown away by how many calories are in something I thought was insanely healthy!

Maybe you should start with fast walking and build up to running? Nothing worse than avoiding exercise because you don't enjoy the pain. There isn't a great deal of calorie burn difference between the two so worth considering.

I am really pleased for you - great to see someone so enthusiastic about getting healthy - your body will love you for it!


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