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Takeaway at work

Tonight is takeaway night at work. The whole team have one the first Sunday on shift after payday every month. We go in an hour early and discuss any work issues over a pizza laden table. I really don't want to be the party pooper, so this morning I had a couple of poached eggs and a pile of mushrooms on getting in from work ( early for a change!) and when I get up at around 7pm tonight I am having a bowl of homemade chicken n veg soup and a mixed leaf and pepper salad. This leaves me wide scope to enjoy a small garlic bread pizza and join fully in the camaraderie without anyone realising I am not eating anything else. So as long as I can resist the fries everything should be honkydory. 😳😁😉

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Sounds like a good plan as long as the pizza devil does not land on your shoulder 😈 lol.

Seriously part of being successful is planning so you are halfway there, what about taking a box of salad with you to have with it, bet everyone else dips in !!

Hope your night shift is peaceful.

Have a good week.



I really hope it went as you planned?


Just don't take part. Doesn't make you a party pooper. I work with a set of blokes who think nothing of a fried breakfast followed by fish and chips for lunch. I just have my cup of tea with them in the morning and salad or fruit for lunch. They used to take the micky at first but now have stopped trying to get me to eat like them. Don't need to change the way you live due to peer pressure.


What about ordering a pizza with no cheese in future? I prefer these now.


Thankyou everyone, all was well in the end. I kept the cuppas flowing and actually only ate 1 slice of garlic pizza, I do admit to 3 french fries too lol. It is a very sociable gathering for us as a small team and I wouldn't dream of not joining in, I just needed to know that I could be part of this kind of 'gathering' and limit myself to a sensible intake. Appreciate everyones advice 😊😊


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