Amazing week!

So I had lost 10kg by June before I left for my vacation, got home from vacation without adding but sadly plateaued and the weight refused to move for a month plus. Last week I made up my mind to change that since I was 5kg away from my next mini target. So I started my 5:2 again but for my 5days I use 1400 kcal, some days less instead of the allowed 2000kcal. By the end of the week I lost 1kg. Then this week something amazing happened, I continued with my 5:2 but I found this exercise on the NHS website, the standing ab exercises, they take a little under 30mins to complete and had me so sore the first 2days but I enjoy doing them. When I did my weigh in yesterday, I had lost a further 2kg and now 2kg from my mini target and 7.3kg from my healthy weight. I feel soo good and the even better thing is the psychological feeling, felt so amazing when I went out today. Such a great way to start the new month.

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  • Congratulations!!! Well done for persevering instead of giving in

  • Thank you Claireep! Hope you had a great week yourself.

  • Yes thanks. I weighed in today and have lost 3 and 3/4 lbs this week. Hurrah!!!

  • Yaaay! Good for you hun. Welldone and goodluck for the coming week.

  • That's really good news, congrats on successfully kick-starting the weight loss again, and good luck for reaching your next goal. How long will you keep doing these exercises, is that going to be a regular part of your routine now? Do you mind sharing the link as well? :)

  • Thank you Ruth. Am hoping I will continue with it, it doesn't take a lot of time and been able to do it in my space is something important to me. Here is the link

  • Well done :) Hope you continue to have a great month.

  • Many thanks sueper and you too!

  • Well done! I've joined a local kickboxing group pining after a flat stomach and some muscels not just for health but for confidence, but I'm not sure if just once a week is enough for me to achieve satisfaction. I was wondering which exersise you chose from the page the link took me to.

  • Hi Foxes. Many thanks. I do the standing abs, should be the second one under the gym free exercises. Since I am no fitness expert, I really cnt say whether your current workout schedule will get you the desired result but am sure every bit should count towards it. Goodluck with that surfboard tummy!

  • Well done :-)

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