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Hi Everyone,

I might be jumping the gun as I haven't lost any weight yet but . . . however when I do it I'm going to be losing A LOT of weight, pretty much 29stone down to at least 18 by the end of next year - surgery (most likely) or otherwise.

One thing I worry about is loose skin. When it comes to it do I go for surgery or do I live with it? Any ideas



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  • It's a massive operation, prone to complications and something to not to be taken lightly to be honest. I decided to live with mine, if I was younger though I may well have thought more about it, but I am happily married and comfortable with what I am.

    Good Luck with your loss.

  • Thanks for the advice. If you don't mind me asking - where is most of the loose skin centred?

  • I think that very much depends on individuals and where they most carried their weight. Tummy though is most prevalent, inner thighs next to the groin, triceps (bingo wings), under the buttocks, boobs or moobs in the case of men.

    To be honest I don't think I am as bad as lots of others I have seen on TV documentaries etc, having said it is very obvious when looking at me that I have lost a huge amount of weight. I've been in hospital several times over the past 3 years and every time I've been examined by a doctor, usually the first thing they say is something like "I can see you've lost an awful lot of weight" based on my loose skin.

  • No personal experience but a friend of mine started at 24 stone and she was advised to lose lots of weight initially then slow down loss to give skin chance to shrink naturally as much as possible. Do you have a Dr etc you could discuss this issue with?

  • I don't know if you've already read my other blogs but I have a baritatric surgery consultation in mid-Sept. I will ask them then.

  • Sorry no I haven't yet. I will catch up with your posts so far. Fingers crossed you get the advice/support you need from the professionals.

  • Thank you. I will definately add it to my list of things to ask at the appointment

  • I am a bit worried about this. I have lost just over a stone now and I can see where I lost it, the skin looks like it could just be left behind on my tummy and inner thighs. What are people's thoughts on having more gelatin in your diet and cream for stretch marks? Does it help? What is the operation called to remove the spare skin? So I can look up more about it?

  • My dr told me to just moisturise but I'm still a little concerned about my tummy after loosing 4 & 1/2 st! I've just started the gym to help with the toning and have an appointment with one of the trainers to help set me a toning program. I don't want to end up building too much muscle as I still want to loose another 2or3 st. Hopefully you can also get some advice at your local gym. Good luck.


  • I will do bigleg.


  • Hi,

    This is something that concerns me too. I have done a fair bit of research and it seems the advice is to take multi vitamin, drink lots of water, do resistance exercises using resistance band (it is actually quite easy and low impact) and use moisturiser with collagen and elastin in it. I have also started taking a gelatine supplement but had to get it from the USA.

    Slow weight loss is bound to help too as it is supposed to take about 2 years for the skin to shrink back. You do have age on your side as your skin will be more elastic and I understand it also depends on how long you have been carrying the weight - the longer then the less chance of your skin pinging back.

    I have no idea if any of this will work but I started this right from the outset (although often forget to moisturise) so if it does work I should see some results.

    I suspect on top of everything else though it depends on the individual.

  • Better to carry loose skin than extra weight.

  • I do agree but when you're someone like me - who is losing SO much weight (upwards of 10 stone with surgery) there is going to be a lot of it as I have been "fat" and constantly piling on the pounds for all my life (23 years) so my skin has been constantly stretched.


  • Yup, there's something to plan for but you might want to put yourself in a position to make a choice. You may not be used to looking after your skin and building muscle mass. Why not try to do both - the first one straightaway, the second one as you lose weight? Getting skin removed is a major operation and I think that it's worth trying to avoid such an event, if you can.

    So, do the best to get you skin and underlying muscles in the best shape that you can - you have loads of time to make a difference. But try not to see an operation as the only thing that you can do, you are young, your skin is still elastic (remember, women have babies). Not quite the same, but some similarities. Good luck.

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