Let's start today! Anyone?

Hi all! I'm new here so let me start by introducing myself. I've had a baby 10 months ago and have really struggled to loose the weight. I'm about 25 pounds over my pre-baby weight. Recently, I've been diagnosed with underactive thyroid but have been on medication for 2 months.

I've just signed up to do a half marathon in October in the hope that it will get me moving!

Anyway, would anyone like to join me, or keep an eye on me? Would love some support as I have been very unsuccessful of late. With a little baby it's really hard to find time for myself.. And when I do, I'm usually exhausted. I'm sure mums out there understand!

Either way, I'm starting tomorrow on the exercise. Any dietary advice, training regimes are more than welcome!!


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9 Replies

  • Wow, talk about ambition! Well done for committing yourself to the half marathon. With that sort of motivation I'm sure you'll do well.

  • Thank you! I need all the encouragement and mostly accountability. Since everyone around me is so lovely and won't tell me I need to lose weight, I often just find myself eating a biscuit or two just because it's 'fun'. But I need someone to keep a check on me and some sort of discipline. Really appreciate the faith in me and encouragement!

  • You're so right. My friends and family keep saying I'm fine as I am but I know I need to shift some flab. Do it for yourself because you know you'll feel better.

  • Hey! I'd love to keep you company! I'm Kate, also looking to shed some baby weight 😊

  • Brilliant Kate, let's do it! I'll weigh myself and shamefully declare it tomorrow. At least I'll know I'm accountable to you! And I can do the same for you! What sort of exercise are you thinking? Need to plan around the young one of course. Diet wise, I'm thinking just cutting the breads and the sugary bad stuff. I don't know about you but as a new mum I find it really hard to diet! Good luck! :-) lets do it!

  • It's my second wedding anniversary this week and I'm a stone and a half heavier than when I got married (plus have one lovely 1yr old boy into the deal!) so for fun would like to lose enough to fit back into my wedding dress 😃 I think I'm going to try going out walking more with baby and doing a dvd at night as I'm usually here on my own. How about u? I'm going to a wedding reception tonight and all of my nice clothes seem to have shrunk. V depressing!

  • Oh I absolutely know the feeling! By the sound of it, we're both in very similar positions. My second wedding anniversary in 3 weeks and I tried the dress, look like hulk trying to squeeze into a dress! Also my baby is 10 and a half months old! I weighed myself this morning and I'm a 157lbs, which is about 27lbs heavier than before. Take comfort - I have almost 2 stones to lose!

    I'm sure you will look lovely tonight but I totally know how depressing it is! We'll both do it though! That exercise regime sounds great, I'm going to attempt a little jog this afternoon, let's see how that goes. And I really don't like walking, but ill get on that too I suppose. I'll let you know how this afternoon goes. Enjoy the wedding! And don't be depressed, we've had babies! :-)

  • Just enjoy the whole process and focus on what you are gaining and achieving - its easy to put weight on and it can be fun & fascinating getting it off. Be Proud!

  • Thank you! Fun and fascinating.. That's a great and positive approach to the journey. Thanks I'll keep that in mind!

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