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Hi everyone I hope your all enjoying the summer holidays.

I write today as I have seen everyone's struggle and I know my own in loosing weight and eating healthy. I am currently doing an Active Women's Project in Wembley and Ladbroke Grove and their are options for you to attend group Female Only exercise classes for which you can see the timtable on our website fitnessforwomenclub.co.uk/m... and we are also starting Kids Activity Weekends.

We also have our Weight Management Intensive Courses which really help women with coaching you about the rights foods to eat - the foods that naturally clean out our system and how much we should be eating of these (too much of anything is not good). We also teach you based on your back ground health assessment which includes a BMR assessment how much calories you should be eating per day. With these Dietitian sessions you will also get 3 exercise classes per week. Our courses will be found under our intensive weight management tab under memberships and classes on our website. At the end of the course you will be educated to plan your own meals and to measure your own daily calorie requirement as this should be done once a week due to the fact that your weight changes and thus, you calories change also. If you are interested please call me on 078 6866 2812 for further information - we are doing a 90% discount to make it more affordable for women to get this package and we can also set up instalments on our discounted price please visit fitnessforwomenclub.co.uk/m... to see further details and book online or call to book.

For the classes we have a current promotion during our Active Women's Project pay as you go is only £5 per class and for yoga and pilates its £8 per class. You can book these here fitnessforwomenclub.co.uk/m... or call us for further information.

For kids activities from baby to 10 years old you can book sessions here: fitnessforwomenclub.co.uk/b... or call us again for further information.

Thank you


Jamila Abbasi

Fitness for Women Club Ltd



078 6866 2812

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