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End of Week 8

So I have managed to loose the 2lb holiday weight I put on which is going in the right direction I guess... Really need to get back to my running but this rainy weather has managed to put me off, terrible excuse I know! Determined to run at least 3 times next week, otherwise I will be having words with myself! ;) Quite proud that I played 2 hours of netball in a row on monday though - gah I was tired after!

A few struggles this week have shown me that I can be a bit of a emotional eater and that I can easily fall of the wagon if I've had some bad news or a stressful day. Does anyone have any tips on alternatives to a bowl of ice cream when I'm feeling particularly down? I did wonder whether not running for 2 weeks has made me feel a bit down in the dumps, all the stuff about exercise releasing endorphins and all... well I guess we will see next week!

Start Weight 13st 11lbs

End of Week 1 13st 10lbs

End of Week 2 13st 7.5lbs

End of Week 3 13st 6lbs

End of Week 4 13st 5lbs

End of Week 6 13st 4lbs

End of Week 7 13st 1lb

Holiday 13st 3lb

End of week 8 13st 1lb

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Well done, you're an inspiration to newbies like me!


Thanks Carolee! It can be very tough sometimes but we keep at it! Good luck on your journey!

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Hi Sd33. I also had a day last week where I didn't run because of the rain. I looked out the window half an hour later and the rain had stopped but by then it would have been too late to go out because of my other commitments. Felt like such a numpty. I think we should make a pact and both go out running next time it rains. I guess you can't tell how it will be til you try!

Despite the holiday gain, you seem to have made really good progress. You'll be seeing the 12s soon - good luck :) Re replacing icecream, a few people have suggested freezing a sliced banana then blending it and it's meant to taste just like banana ice cream. I'm still thinking of trying this. I make an 'orange sorbet' by halving oranges, scooping out the middles, blending and scooping it back in, then you stir it around every half an hour or so as they freeze. But if you forget to stir they go too solid - not foolproof!

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Thank you! Yes I would love to see the 12s!! It's a deal, I'll force myself to run next time its raining and I'm free - you watch it will be wall to wall sunshine now we've said that! ;) I did manage 6k yesterday and it did feel good, I always feel a bit hesitant starting up again when I haven't been for a while - like my body will suddenly tell me I can't run anymore!

Here's to exhilarating runs in the rain!

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I already copped out of this morning's run because I woke up with a cold so you're one up on me! I'll be back running when I'm back from Derbyshire next week though. If I see rain I'll be in my gear and straight outside running just to be able to say I did it :)


Well done :-)

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