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I need to focus

Yesterday I got up and decided to restart nhs 12 week plan by lunchtime I was doing slimming world and by the evening I was wondering whether to go to weightwatchers. At the moment I'm desperate to loose weight but seem unable to focus. I have done and lost weight at slimming world but put it back on and I seem unable to believe I can do it without going to a class. Can anyone advise me how to start focusing. Thank you

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Sounds like you are crying out for a bit of support. WW and SW do give you structure and support, but their odd system of counting points or syns is a bit of a pain. As are the meetings. And the fees.

I think you need something custom designed for you. That will work perfectly with your lifestyle.

You say you are desperate to lose weight. Can you list the reasons why? Be honest. Brutally honest. You don't have to show anyone, but write them down. Try and put them in rough priority order of what is most important for you. You need to take back ownership of this whole weight problem. And this is where to start the focus. Once you've made this first list of reasons... You need to make a second list - of things that are stopping you being you ideal weight. Again, be brutally honest and try and prioritise them.

Once you have these key documents in your hand... You are facing your own personal issues. The main focus for you will be a solution that targets your top priority in both lists. That is where you have to start. Today.


Thank you dreamcatcher67 . I will do what you suggest. I agree you have to be honest . I definately need to take control of myself and not keep using every excuse why I can't loose weight. If I keep putting it off who knows how much I'll weigh xx


I should know...I am queen of excuses. But if we bring those excuses to the table (list 2) and really look at them collectively - it might just be possible to glimpse the reasons behind the excuses. Do you feel confident enough to take control of yourself? Fear is an uncomfortable emotion and it is on both my lists, for sure.

If the changes you need to make are going to happen, then it will take more than a few weeks worth of meal plans. They are just tools.

Changing how you think drives changes in how you feel.


This is very good advice I am going to try this the difficulty with loosing weight is all in our head


Yes you are right. Your reasons for being fat (and staying fat) are in your head too. They won't just go away by themselves.


Whatever you do you can use the continuity of this forum to support you. I found that having a regular weigh in day was a good way to start. I didn't start losing weight straight away but joining Lowcal's weigh in on here on Mondays was good as it meant I had a kind of structure to my week, and also accountability. Lowcal always seems to put a positive spin on things. For example after putting on 2lb I'd go away feeling positive because she'd point out that I'd still made positive changes that week, even if some things had gone wrong too.

Re your lack of focus, have you read about the guy who tried 10 diets in 50 days? Sounds hilarious but when I read further it actually made sense. It might amuse/inspire you? Good luck! nhs.uk/Livewell/loseweight/...


You perhaps need to focus less on weight loss and more on becoming healthier and changing your lifestyle. As the 12 week plan suggests start with little changes, reduce portion sizes a bit, walk a bit more, change a chocolate snack for fruit etc. As you work through the weeks they become habits, just like the ones you have now which are keeping you overweight. There is no hurry to lose weight - this is a forever change that will keep you healthier into the long term, not just let you lose 2 stones in 2 months and then put it all back on again.

So just relax, you can do this - focus on 2 changes you can make this week, stick to them and leave it at that. Next week, introduce 2 more. When you have built a bit of confidence in sticking to small changes, start the 12 week plan perhaps. Don't give yourself a hard time - you will get there.

The support of this forum is brilliant and the other suggestions here are great. Join one of the weigh in threads - Lowcal is great!

Good luck and keep posting your progress :)

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