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Almost one year on

I'll try to get round to writing a proper post on the 1st August, to mark a year since I made a pact to myself to get fitter, healthier and lose the weight that I put on during college and university.

However, I wanted to quickly say that I'm really proud of how well I've done. A lot of the weight I lost was in the first few months. Indeed, I actually lost a stone and a half within three and a half months. The rest has been a slow, up and down process. If I'm honest, losing weight and getting fit was put near the end of a list of priorities, after focusing on a new job, readjusting to living with my parents again and battling with my mental health. Regardless, I've lost another half a stone since those early months.

This equates to two stone lost in a year. I'm pretty chuffed.

My clothes are looser, I've dropped two clothes sizes and I've been feeling happier and more confident in myself again.

I'd still like to lose another stone, but there's no rush - it will happen in time, and I'm already pretty happy with my size now.

Another bikini photo to come soon. I only just saw the one I took a year ago, after about half a year or more of not seeing it, and it had me surprised.

Thanks for reading and following my journey :)

Sara x

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Well done xx


Well done Sara, it can't have been easy for you. Thanks for sharing x


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