Going into weeks 9&10, planning around a few days away + friend's wedding

I'll be away from Sunday to Wednesday for a friend's wedding in Derbyshire, which my bf and I are combining with a few days 'glamping' in the Peak District. So I'll miss next Monday's weigh-in. But I'm encouraged after losing another 1lb this week, so feel confident about how I'll manage, especially as it is a self-catering-style holiday with lots of walking, so I'll have a lot of control. The wedding itself will be a different matter. I'm not planning to go mad, but I do plan to have a few glasses of bubbly and enjoy myself.

I thought it would be good to look ahead to the next two weeks on the weight loss plan seeing as I'm having this time away. It feels good to think about each week as a different phase or learning stage in the process. Last week (week 8) I experimented with different vegetables - added radishes to my salad, roasted some beetroots and added more spices, garlic, ginger, chilli etc into my cooking. Last night I finally made a veggie moussaka which was absolutely delicious and there are even leftovers in the freezer, happy days :) So hopefully the next couple of weeks will be similarly inspiring:

Week 9: This is the week with the fruit banana bran cake recipe, which sounds great although I'm meant to be avoiding wheat and dairy at the moment and it contains both of these. I'm wondering about adapting it into a fruit banana flapjack recipe - it would be a nice change to my usual apple flapjacks. Week 9 also encourages finding new activities to do. I've tried the nhs.uk/findyoursport link and it suggested... solo sports. I'm 'an independent-minded person who likes routine', so apparently I should do things like cycling, athletics, triathlon etc. As I already run and cycle, I think I must be on the right track already there... (pun definitely intended).

Week 10: This week's advice is about avoiding temptation and comfort eating. It lists 10 common triggers for comfort eating and suggests a whole lot of non-food comfort fixes. This is useful and helps me think about the difference/relationship between temptation and comfort eating. I think I'll re-read this when I'm back from Derbyshire as the few days after a holiday can be quite difficult for getting back on track. There's also a little memo sticker on week 10 warning that 'you're more likely to fall off the diet wagon at the end of the week' - I'll try to bear this in mind during my post-holiday return to business as usual.

Hope everyone else is getting on okay too :)

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31 Replies

  • Have a nice time. Enjoy yourself, sensibly :-) xx

  • Thanks MrsBooboo, hope you have an excellent week too. I plan to be sensible right up until the first glass of bubbly, but from then on I think I can only hope to be sensible-ish :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday glamping, and that you enjoy the Wedding too.

    Regarding the banana bran cake recipe, I've made it a few times and it's really tasty. A friend of mine replaces wheat flour with ground flaxseed, so wondering if that might be a good swap within the recipe?

    Look forward to catching up with you when you get back.

    Lowcal :-)

  • It seems so ungrateful to have nice things to go to but be worrying about overindulging doesn't it! Hopefully a few long walks will balance everything out. Look forward to catching you on the weigh in after next :)

    Re the banana cake - I've seen you recommend it so much on here I feel I really ought to give it a go! Thanks for suggesting the flaxseed, I'll look into it. I've generally been replacing flour with oats, using an old coffee grinder to turn the oats into flour (sounds weird but it works...). I think the 'self-raising' part might be the real challenge though, maybe I can just add a bit of baking powder :)

  • I hope you have a great time, lot of lovely walks will help balance things out, as you say. :-)

    Good idea with the coffee grinder - I think that's how my friend makes the flaxseed flour, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll ask her when I next see her.

    I usually use wholegrain flour and therefore add some baking powder to help it to rise, and it does work - so I think if you also added baking powder it should do the trick with your substitute for wheat flour.

    I'll look forward to hearing how it turns out. :-)

  • Why do you substitute wheat flour with oat flour Ruth?

  • I've been advised to cut out wheat by my doctor because of stomach problems.

  • I'm sorry to hear that.

  • You could also try buckwheat or chick pea flour, plus baking powder (you might want to use gluten free baking powder, to avoid wheat).

  • Ive been thinking of getting buckwheat or spelt, thanks, not sure how long I need to keep this up really so haven't been exploring alternatives as much as I could be. But if the reward is nice healthy banana cake then I'm prepared to give it a go! Thanks for gluten free baking powder tip :)

  • You sound very organised Ruth_canal_runner. Enjoy your time away and come back to us relaxed and ready to go again.

  • There's sounding organised, then there's being organised. I've always got lots of good intentions, but yes will also enjoy it all too :)

  • Well done losing 1 lb this week that's great to hear. It sounds as though you have got this time away all planned out which is also great and self catering is an added bonus and puts you in control. I hope you have a wonderful time Ruth :-)

  • Thanks! Hopefully the plans will work. Hope you have an excellent week too :)

  • Ruth - enjoy your few days away. Glam ping in Peak District sounds lovely. And well done on your 1 lb loss this week 💃💃

  • Thanks Lizzy. I haven't been to the Peak District before so it will all be a new experience! Have a great week too :)

  • Hi, hope you have a great time away. Looks like you have a few plans in place to get you threw. Enjoy the bubbles - I had a few last week and they didn't do too much harm :)

    I am also away next week. I am going to give myself a bit of a break whilst trying to be sensible. Will avoid desserts but have a few biccies back in my room. This will be an indulgence as I have had only about 3 biscuits all year!

    Banana flapjacks sound great, will be interested to see how they go and if the recipe will appear here.

    Have a great week :)

  • Okay I'll take that as a challenge. Banana flapjacks will appear on here at some point - but perhaps not til after next week's adventures. Enjoy your break too. Biscuits back in the hotel room sounds like a good way of compensating yourself for abstaining from tempting desserts. But of course got to have fun too! I look forward to reporting that I had fun and also didn't gain, and hope that you will be too... fingers crossed!

  • I will keep an eye out!

    I am having a week off weighing - no scales. So I can live in denial for a week and hopefully by the next weigh in the lbs will be gone :) I will be doing lots of walking too.

  • I'm also having a week off weighing as I only like to weigh in on Mondays. Lots of luck :)

  • There's gonna be one big drum roll in 2 weeks!

  • I hope you have a lovely time with good weather (not least because I'll be getting the same weather and have a big picnic event on) We have lovely trails for cycling (and hire if you've not brought your bike) and running.

    Also many dietary hazards such as the Grindleford Station Café, Bakewell Puddings and lots of lovely lunch/afternoon tea places (evening meals, not so much)

    Enjoy all of it!

  • Ah - I'll be in your neck of the woods! I was wondering what the local delicacies would be! We'll be more in the south part, as my friend's based just south of the peak district. My bf loves a good afternoon tea so we'll definitely be on the lookout for that. Hope your picnic goes well :)

  • I'm away from Saturday and already bracing myself for the two weeks ahead. Plenty of dog walking is the plan to compensate but you have to let your hair down abit. September is abit like January for me, so I always treat it as a new start. Sept 2014 was when I started posting on here! Haven't looked back! I hope you have a lovely time away and a successful back tot he grindstone when you get back home. Enjoy!

  • Lots of people are going away! Dog walking sounds brilliant. It's just me and my bf for most of the short trip, and then a lot of old friends at the wedding. I will take some good walking shoes as we want to explore the countryside. Hopefully the weather will stay sunny and clear. Then straight after yes it's nose to the grindstone back to it. I look forward to your anniversary celebrations in Sept, hope you feel it's been a good year :)

  • Hi Ruth, you seem to have got you bases well and truly covered. Hope your few days away are wonderful and you come back with good memories and a strong resolve to keep yourself on track. Looking forward to your next ( fingers crossed, positive) post. 😊

  • Thanks Shellie, hopefully yes bases covered if all goes to plan. Hope you're getting on okay too - look forward to hearing more adventures from Shellie-land too :)

  • Really don't worry about it. I've just had 5 days in Jersey where despite good intentions the diet went out of the window. Full English every day with toast and cereal plus lunch, dinner and alcohol. Was shocked when I found I had gained eleven pounds in such a short time. Must have been nearly all water though as within 5 days of arriving home it had all gone again and after a week I lost a further 3 pounds.

    I have had this experience a few times over the last year where following a holiday I gained weight only to lose it and more within a short time of returning home. I have also heard from others on this forum who have had the same experience.

    I tend not to worry much now when I over indulge as I know I will quickly lose it again but can't help the guilty feelings though.

    I think the secret is to immediately get back onto healthy eating and be more strict with yourself for the first week back.

    I would say go away and enjoyyourself but be determined to,lose any gain immediately you get home. Don't use it as an excuse to backslide.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW I have lost 7 stones in 13 months with quite a few blow out holidays as I like to travel so I know it can be done.

  • I have to say it's so impressive to hear that you've lost 7 stone in what seems like a very short period for such an achievement. I've seen you comment on your experience of post-holiday weight loss before, and I've wondered if this sort of blowout acts like a kickstart for the metabolism, and maybe we actually need to do something like this from time to time? If so I might view Tuesday's wedding as a metabolism kickstart. But I really hope I don't put on 11lbs as that would put me back almost on square 1!

    I agree it's about getting straight back on it when I get back. I'm actually making sure there will be healthy things in the freezer ready for Wed eve/Thurs - how organised does that sound! :)

  • 11lbs did seem excessive to me but it went as quick as I said and more. I think it really must kickstart your metabolism. Don't forget I was started from an obese weight and even now I'm still about 12 lbs over my healthy BMI weight although not too worried as I have gained quite a bit of muscle through exercise and weights. I saw another chap on here who gained 3.3 Kg in 3 days and lost it within three days again. I don't think your body can store all the extra food as fat that quickly so stores it as water. That's how it was explained to me although I don't know the science.

    As I said the quick gain and subsequent better loss has happened too many times for it just to be coincidence so I tend to fight through the guilt, enjoy myself but then really and I mean really get straight back on it and probablyy don't eat enough for a few days till ,any gain has gone.

  • My weigh in a week after Glastonbury showed a 6lb loss, so I've seen a similar effect myself. I'll see how it goes!

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