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Do not surrender

Listen for those of us whom have tried to lose weight, not matter if they did it or not please STOP running yourself down. You WILL have days were your weight did not budge or went up instead of down even thou you stuck to your eating plan like a bee to honey. But no matter what you tell yourself as you know you are your biggest critic, or what people say. Just think to yourself ( Ok I slipped up today but tomorrow I will try my best to get back on track).

Please stop setting goals as these are the reason people beat themselves up so much if they happen to fail. I personally do not care about a person's size as it is their value as a person that means more. When I say value I do not mean weather they are rich or not as who care's. If anything look in the mirror and please leave judgemental aside who will be dying to make a comment about you, but instead look in the mirror and say I am amazing. The people you matter to they are the ones that matter, forget everyone else.

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Well said! Couldn't agree more! I am taking each day one at a time and trying to be healthy. Also including exercise for better fitness.

Good luck on your journey too!


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This is so true!! It's so disheartening when you see the scales haven't budged or you've had a bad day. It's nice to hear someone noticing your weight loss but there's always one that won't say anything (jealousy!!) I had a bad week last week, put on 2, but had an excellent week so far, looking forward to getting weighed on Monday :) x


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