From motorbike to pedal bike 🚲 !

Well I said I would start Monday and I sure have! I would just like to let you all know that I work at an elderly care home where the work is physical, active and even difficult at times, where the shifts are all different but despite that I have started pedaling to work instead of getting on the motorbike!! After pedaling a few days and nights on and off I peddled to work today and home again for the first time in the morning setting off at 7.15 and without getting off the bike all the way there and back !! I have only had 2 toast this morning a tuna sandwich for my dinner and am having stir fry for me tea. You guys how do you think I'm doing and do you think I will keep it up?? :)


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8 Replies

  • Well done you. What a brilliant effort you've completely changed your lifestyle. I hope that you are enjoying the exercise.

    Make sure that you actually eat enough, apparently our bodies go into starvation mode and retain weight if we don't eat enough calories.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Like you am trying to cycle more, I live at the bottom of 4 hills so every way out of home is a struggle but determined. Make sure you keep your tyres well pumped up, makes all the difference

  • If you suddenly start doing more exercise your body might naturally tell you that you need a bit more fuel - I get this sometimes later on in the day after a long run in the morning. So I recommend having healthy snacks ready for when you need them, so that you don't end up turning to something less healthy that's closer to hand. Snacks have been my absolute saviour so far. But of course this may not be the same for you! As for keeping up the cycling have you also planned for bad weather? As a motorcyclist I'm sure you understand the importance of having waterproofs - but these can make you feel quite sweaty on a bicycle, so some planning ahead may be needed there too (e.g. keeping an emergency change of clothes and shoes at work). Lots of luck! :)

  • I think you are flipping brilliant !! I have just started today so you are an inspiration !

  • Awwr I only started this today but been trying to cycle to work more often but thank-you makes all the difference exercise and makes you hungry for meals!

  • Go for it girl


  • That's brilliant! Cycling is a great way to sort your head out as well as getting some exercise. Saves money and time - You don't need to go to the gym! Are you noting how many miles you do in a week/month? You'll be amazed how quickly it adds up!

  • Well done. Why not try porridge in the morning for breakfast. Use giant rolled oats with water. I put strawberries or other berries in mine and sweeten with Splenda. I find it keeps me fuller longer and would help,fuel your body for your bike ride. I agree with the comment above regarding eating enough.

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