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This is probably about my 5th/6th attempt at a diet. They go well for about a week and then it goes down hill. I try to get back on it, but it never goes to plan. I have Heath kick days and the next day is 'I'll do it tomorrow' when I never do. I need motivation. So I decided to join a community of people who are going through the same as me, and hopefully will get a lot of moral support and guidance to help me loose around 7/8 stone!!

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Well done for joining us. Take a look at the NHS 12 week weight loss plan. I've found it really suits me .

I'm about to start week.14 and so far have lost 14.8 kg.

It involves counting calories but that is quite easy

The people on this site will give you lots of encouragement and support. I check the posts if I feel like snacking and posting my weekly weight loss helps to keep me focussed. Have you had a look at the NHS couch to 5k programme? I've always hated exercise but I've been doing the c25k and actually quite enjoy it. Admittedly I haven't really been progressing through the weeks as they suggest but I now feel comfortable with running for a couple of minutes at a time followed by walks which I'd never have done three months ago.

Look forward to reading your future posts.


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