my 24 year old C&A trousers


I have these trousers dating back around 24 years from C&A dug them out yesterday and decided that now I am getting ever so close to being a size 14 in trousers why not try them on and couldn't believe it, they fit me and they have room for moving around in and I am extremely pleased to say the least. I also got out a size 12 sporty waist jacket my daughter refused to wear and again that fits me to and it zips up :-) and is comfortable.

I love this feeling... Just put them in the wash to get ready to hang up in my wardrobe LOL

The old me is returning :-)

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20 Replies

  • Hi Trafford,

    Wow, that's really great!!!! Fitting with extra room to move around in - that's fantastic!

    Great that you also fit that size 12 Sporty waist jacket - enjoy wearing those lovely clothes. :-)

    Glad to hear the old you is returning, but I pretty much think the new you is amazing too. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Lowcal you have put a big/massive smile on my face and your reply is absolutely wonderful. That really means so much to me so thank you :-)

    I must remember that it is the new me and not the old

    just turning my dryer on now LOL :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Oh that's really good Trafford1, I know that feeling and it's absolutely fab. I've also been digging out some old clothes (had them so long they're back in fashion). I actually said to my husband over the weekend that I have re-discovered myself, and that is exactly how I feel, it's truly exhilarating, I wish I could bottle the emotion so I could remind myself whenever I feel tempted to stray into the sweet or cake aisle at Sainsbury's. Have a great week wearing all your lovely new outfits Trafford.

  • Jenever, that is hilarious :-) :-) had them so long they are back in fashion LOL

    Such a great feeling and I know you know how I am feeling and yes it is truly exhilarating

    Will have a great week and you to hun

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done....hope that will b me 1 day size 20 at min so long way to go xxx

  • Thank you Yvonnenanny1965, I was a 20-22 so have come along way. You will get there hun,it does take some time but the rewards are so worth it. I have big plans for this body of mine so will keep pushing myself to work harder and stay focused and plan every single day. It has taken 29 week to get this far and by my birthday I want to get down to a size 10 or 12 then I know I have really made it :-) still really, really happy now too :-)

  • U deserve to b proud of yourself ur an inspiration for me....knowing u started at that size gives me a real boost xxxx

  • That is really lovely thank you hun :-) We can and we will succeed at achieving our goals

  • Wowed! That is just like having a whole new wardrobe!

  • It's great. I kept hold of them because these are some of my favourite clothes and just couldn't part with them and I am glad I did now cause I am in them again :-)

  • Congrats. Try buying a pretty top or something to set them off and keep up the good work. Well done.

  • Thank you, I have got a nice top to go with them off my sister which I have been saving, it also never fit me but it was too nice to give away and now that fits too so I'm very pleased about that :-)

  • That is so cool to be back into your old clothes. My clothes have just been hanging there neglected for 1-2 years, which seems an age. To treasure these things for 24 years and be able to wear them again is amazing.

  • Thank you, I could never part with these as they were one on my favourite pair. Always loved em still love em and now I can wear them again so yeah...super cool :-) and it feels so good.

    I still have these really funky leggings I used to wear when I was in high sch just waiting for them to fit me too I've had these for about 24 years as well LOL :-)

  • It's interesting that you've got this kind of perfectly preserved time capsule waiting for you to enjoy again. People who stay the same size don't have this privilege I guess! It's good that you did hold onto these (despite apparently trying to pass them on to your daughter) - it shows you always believed (however subconsciously) that it was possible to wear them again.

  • That is a good way to look at it, I like your way of thinking Ruth :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Ah C@A, fab brings back loads of good memories. You must be feeling so good and a size 12 jacket must feel like near heaven lol😃

    I have a lace skirt from Etam 1992 ish pulled it out the other week after Candystripe posted a photo of her wearing a shirt she had slimmed I to. I loved the skirt so kept it, I can get it up to my hips but it does not meet or zip up !! I am using it as my goal and if/when get into it might post a photo. I'm thinking maybe Xmas .

    Enjoy the ironing lol

    Have a good week


    Ps sorry if already sent this, thought I had xx

  • Thank you flossie. C&A takes me right back to, I loved to shop in there and these trousers are one of a kind (I think) I have never seen a pair like them since. It's good you have also kept something from your past as it is good indication of how far you have come on your journey. I have had many a pair and skirts which also did not meet or zip and it is not a good feeling but you will soon get into that skirt and I bet when you come to try it on again you won't even be able to fit in it or you will be able to wear it twice before it goes to a new home LOL. Most of the things I have kept had to go charity shop for this very reason.

    Have a great week flossie and let us know when you get into that skirt :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Tangible proof you are taking charge of your life. Its BRILLIANT you know you are getting back to you. You might feel you are achieving even more with some new clothes ;-) You know you can do this, You know how good it feels and you've got the evidence! Be very very proud.

  • Thank you andrewleeon, it is brilliant :-) With every size I go down and with every new outfit my confidence is growing and yes I am very proud :-)

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