Night before weigh in jitters

Anyone else feel the jitters' the night before they step up to the scales?!

Look back over the week's activity and calorific intake... The nature of calorie and amount of exercise...

Wonder whether it will be a loss, a gain or plateau...

Does anyone else then wake up on the morning and feel a mix of excitement and fear, combined with the thought, 'I won't stand on them until I have had a proper visit to the WC!'

Only to find the body resolutely refuses to cooperate?!

Aaaaahhh... The night before...

How I love thee


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10 Replies

  • I feel like that, I go into the bathroom get the scale out and before I step on I say plz let me have lost PLEASE then have a big stretch and step on. I am always grateful when I see the numbers go down and thank the lord for his blessing :-)

    Best of luck for tomorrow

  • I have to admit that I actually cheat! I leap on and off the scales the night before and if it is somewhere in the right kg zone I feel happy and get quite excited about the next mornings weigh in, because I know that I will weigh a little bit less in the morning.

    In the morning I have to go to the loo, then as I start running my bath I weigh myself and then measure myself. I then record the details and put the new chart on the top of the pile, I think that is in the hope that any visitors will see it!

  • I'm dreading tomorrow have decided to join the Monday weigh in but that will b after a bathroom visit...hopefully lost something as have watched my calories and exercised more this week than ever in my life lol xxx

  • My golly girls, it feels great to know there are a few of us in the same undersized boat!

    I had a go at cheating the week before last with intermittent weighing of self and the scales refused to move...

    I decided they must be sentient and that if I give them no attention through the week I stand more chance of a good result.

    A deranged train of thought I know, but one that is there nonetheless!

  • Yes me too! Clearly we are all as barmy as each other!!

  • It takes me a while to step on the scales too. I turn them off and on twice, in case they aren't correct the first time. The numbers never used to cooperate but these days they seem to, and I am starting to trust them again. But they have years of uncooperative refusal to show a lower figure to make up for still.

  • Haha how fabulous!

    My scales have mostly suffered from dust and sour glances these last few years. I too have disliked them intensely and am only just beginning to imagine they may in fact be an ally...

    I have several different ways of standing on them. With my feet at angles, on tip toe, the outside edges of my feet, one foot, stamping on with gusto, treading on very slowly...

    Fortunately for my fragile state of sanity I have seen a loss this morning and am spurred on for another spin of the coin.

    Aren't we wonderful? 🎯

  • What I want to know is do we have to keep them when we've finished losing the weight. I don't really want mine to be a permanent fixture! Glad to hear your scales are cooperating today, mine cooperated too :)

  • Ruth I am going to keep up my weekly weigh in for life pretty much. That and my food/mood diary. I have lost similar chunks of weight at least twice before now; once I made it into my target trousers and tops I ditched the routine; I didn't go straight to the biscuit barrel, Chinese or off license, but I certainly didn't see it as a life change. I saw it as something accomplished and because of that I tripped up.

    So. For me and my tummy and enormous pair of eyes, the scales are here to stay!

  • Ps

    Glad the scales cooperated for you today too!!


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