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I'm seriously confuse and frustrated as I believe I'm doing everything right but yet I'm not seeing anything on scale. At this point I just want lock myself in my room. According to the scale I gain back 2lb. Which put me back to 239 I been eating good and been doing Sean T Focus T25 all week. I was hoping to be down at least 6lb by now and this is making me feel like a yo-yo. I'm not going give up cause I know that the easy thing to do, just wish I was seeing at least 1lb a week. Get my mind goal for week 4 is to stop checking my weight every morning and try and keep motivated.

I been eating so much vegetables now that it giving me a lot of gas as well so need to switch up my vegetables.

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Hi that's one thing I've had to stop doing is constantly being on the scales. After a weigh in I take the battery out so that I won't go on scales daily.

When I joined weight watchers years ago there was one girl at the club in the same situation as you. 4 weigh ins before she actually lost any weight. She then lost each week but like you was determined to continue and she did reach her goal.

Are you eating enough? Did you measure yourself when you started your journey - although it sometimes does not show in the scales you may be toning up.


Are you eating enough protein? How to log/track foods? My fitness pal is good and free

You'll start losing soon 😃


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